Photo courtesy of CGTN/Facebook


Ten female pilots of China’s military recently completed their first solo flights, according to Chinese state-controlled media CGTN’s (中國環球電視網) Facebook post on Sunday. 


In the post, the ten female pilots are revealed to have graduated high school in 2017 and are the first female pilots “the army recruited” who will finish their training in 2021.

China’s first 10 female army pilots have recently completed their first solo flights. Graduating from high school in…

CGTN 發佈於 2020年9月19日 星期六

Photo courtesy of CGTN/Facebook


The historic moment is marked with six photos attached of the women posing and walking towards the camera while in their gear. 

Photo courtesy of CGTN/Facebook


Though Chinese air force had enrolled female pilots in 1951, this instance is different as the women are a part of the army’s pilots. 

Photo courtesy of CGTN/Facebook
Photo courtesy of CGTN/Facebook

中國日報 (China Daily) 報導,1951起,迄今,大約有10代580位女性飛行員加入中國空軍。

Since 1951, around 580 female aviators in 10 generations have joined the Air Force, according to China Daily


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