台灣必嘗七大珍珠食品曝!外媒推薦這幾家成老饕最愛|Buzzfeed lists top 7 boba-related food to try in Taiwan

American online media Buzzfeed recently featured 7 boba treats to try in Taiwan on their Buzzfeed Food Channel. (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock)


When new immigrants and foreign expats first arrive in Taiwan, locals are always eager to invite them to try out the fun cuisine that Taiwan is so famous for.


American online media Buzzfeed recently decided to focus on just one dish, boba and listed out 7 boba-related food that everyone must try if they come to Taiwan.


The first is boba milk tea and they specifically singled out Chun Shui Tang (春水堂), pointing out that it’s the first boba tea shop which opened in Taichung City.


The second dish they listed was boba souffle from Belle Epoque. The video shows that the dish comes with a milk tea pudding complete with a souffle on top and ice cream on the side.


Customers are asked to “assemble” the dish themselves and top the whole dish off with a generous scoop of boba.


Buzzfeed also included boba egg tarts, boba pancakes, boba brûlée, crystal boba drinks, and boba burst bun from all parts of Taiwan, bringing to life the boba pinnacle and culture of the small island.


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