Social media users from other countries expressed their envy at seeing Taiwan fully stocked with graphic cards. (Screengrab from Marco/YouTube)


As cryptocurrency gains momentum these past few years, Bitcoin mining has become more and more popular.  


However, as the mining process needs graphic cards to accelerate reading of images and content, the recent demand for it has reached a breaking point where stores in many countries have ran out of stock–all except Taiwan. 


According to a recent video shared by YouTuber Marco, the stores at Taipei’s Guanghua Digital Plaza can be seen fully stocked with different kinds of graphic cards.  


The contrast between the shops in Taiwan and abroad led to excited discussions online with many foreign social media users commenting their wishes to travel to Taiwan just to get their hands on the chips. 


Others jokingly claimed they were already packing their bags for “overseas” travel, while some lauded Taiwan as a “heaven on earth.” 


However, according to local Chinese-language media, Taiwan has set certain restrictions in place to prevent such circumstances from happening, including regulations needing customers to buy an entire set of computers to get their hands on a graphics card.  


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