連禽獸都不如!台雙展籲反思人與自然關係|Taiwan Biennial kicks off, centering around human-animal relationship

行為表演快閃活動|Flash Mob Performance(The China Post)


The 2020 Taiwan Biennial featuring a total of 49 artists/artist groups and 201 artworks, kicked off on Saturday at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA) in Taichung and is running until Feb. 28, 2021.  

The biennial boasts a variety of art forms ranging from painting, installation, video and performance art.   

2020台灣美術雙年展|2020 Taiwan Biennial(The China Post)


Curated by Taiwanese artist Yao Jui-chung, the 2020 Taiwan Biennial, themed “Subzoology,” centers around the international issues concerning the human-animal relationship addressed by the scientific, artistic and philosophical scenes.

Based on the ten dharma realms in the Diamond Sūtra and treating the “Buddhist path of reincarnation into animals” as the point of departure, the curator seeks to encourage reflection on the long-term human plunderage and domination over natural creatures.

泰雅族行為藝術家瓦旦塢瑪透過身體演示創作〈水世界〉,反思氣候劇變雖迫使人類面臨接連不斷的災難,實則肇因於人類對環境的危害,作品深切傳達善待地球的哲思 |WatdanWuma, an Atayal performance artist, creates “Water World” through a bodily demonstration, reflecting on the fact that climate change is forcing human beings to face continuous disasters. However, it is actually caused by the harm we do to the environment, and the work aims to urge people to treat the Earth well. (The China Post)
孫懿柔以作品〈植物的血是綠色的〉表達對生命的新詮釋,各種形式的生命都應該被等同視之。 | With her work “The Blood of Plants Is All Green,” Sun Yi-jou expresses a new interpretation of life, in which all forms of life should be treated equally.


“Flash Mob Performance” opened the annual exhibition on Saturday in Taichung’s coastal area, featuring local performers including WatdanWuma, Sun Yi-jou, Yeh Tzu-chi, River Lin, Fu Ya-wen+Chou Shu-yi, and Ghost Mountain Ghost Shovel.  

Through ‘bodies’ and ‘actions,’ the live performance art aims to have the audience reflecting and lamenting on the ecological environment.    

戶外演出終站由「阿川行為群」創辦人葉子啓,透過身體作為工具進行〈網〉的創作,展現極具生命力的行動藝術能量 | Yeh Tzu-chi uses his body as a tool to create ‘Net’ in an art performance full of life. (The China Post)
林人中透過作品〈老娘是狐仙〉,深入探索性別的流動與定義 | River Lin explores the fluidity and definition of gender through his work ” Je suis Huxian.” (The China Post)
瓦旦塢瑪則以〈異胎〉展開對生命的解讀 | WatdanWuma’s performance “Hetero embryo” interprets human’s life. (The China Post)


In response to the ecological and environmental issues the exhibition concerning, the flash mob performances took place at the Taichung Museum of Marine Ecology surrounding area in Qingshui District, the Da’an Port Mazu Culture Park, and finally back to the NTMoFA. 

清水區的海洋生態館(左)、大安港媽祖文化園區|Taichung Museum of Marine Ecology surrounding area (left) in Qingshui District, to the Da’an Port Mazu Culture Park. (The China Post)
藝術家孫懿柔透過作品〈變相〉展現對宇宙萬物的敬畏情感,呼籲應尊重生命、嘗試多維思考。 | Through her performance titled ” Hetero embryo”, artist Sun Yi-jou
expresses her reverence for everything in the universe and calls for respect for life and multidimensional thinking. (The China Post)


The exhibition comprises seven sub-themes “Sacrifice and Salvation,” “The Sub-history of Wildlife Trade,” “Portrait of Unknown Heroes,” “Laboratory/Operating Room/Specimen Room,” “Festivals/Sandbanks/Green Coverage Ratio,” “Beast Mimic/Tortured Beastnoid,” “Habitat/Zoo/National Park” and “Performance & Live Art/Multimedia Installation & Performance.”

孫培懋-望著紅龍而忘了時間的男子|Time flies while staring at Red Arowana by Sun Pei-mao (The China Post)


Seven subthemes serve as points of entry for this year’s biennial and are a reminder to the public to reflect on the devastation that confronts all of beings on Earth. Being kind toward all life is the key to our longevity and a blessing to all our descendants. 

許尹齡-金馬|Golden Horse by Hsu Yin-ling (The China Post)

展覽地點:國立臺灣美術館 No. 2, Section 1, Wuquan West Road, West District, Taichung City, 403 

日期:2020年1017日-2021228日 | Date : Oct. 17, 2020 – Feb. 28, 2021 

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