10 Asian celebs on the beauty of getting older

In a world fixated on youth, there’s always pressure to have a little nip and tuck or test out the latest anti-ageing concoctions. However, not all celebs are trying to turn back time or cling on to their youth. These 10 famous faces prove that it’s all about feeling good and confident in your own skin, no matter your age.

Rebecca Lim, 34

“I definitely like myself more as I grow older, and there’s no way I would want to return to my younger days of people pleasing and uncertainty,” the local actress said in a 2019 interview with Her World.

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Jacelyn Tay, 45

For Singaporean ex-actress and health coach Jacelyn Tay, her revelation came after a conversation with makeup artist Clarence Lee. “Wow….kaypoh (busybody) eyes… Suddenly I realised life may not be boring when we reach 100. We can still kaypoh about what the new generation is creating, latest technology, fashion, hip music and reinvent ourselves each day just like we are living our young days.

Inspiring!!! That is the secret to happiness and keeping a young heart. Wow, I wanna see the days when cars can drive by themselves, and me wearing hightech bikini that can lift up my sagging boobs and buttocks, laying at the sunshine beach drinking whisky served by robots, watching the beach boys and gals and listening to my trance music…”

Zoe Tay, 53

“You have to accept it slowly and let it sink in, as ageing is an inevitable process in life. You have to be brave in accepting your own appearance and facing pressure from others, and then (clarify) your stance on the issue,” the Queen of Caldecott Hill told Prestige magazine in 2020. “I want to be responsible for myself. I must accept all the comments from others, be it positive or negative. I need to be brave and face this issue with a calm mind.”

Rui En, 40

“I’m not the kind of person who likes to think too far ahead ’cos it scares me. The unknown is very, very scary. The more I think about stuff like that, the more nervous I get. So I try to go about life one day at a time lah. Whatever God’s plan is for me, it will be okay,” the “Old is Gold” star said in an interview with 8 Days in 2019.

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Stefanie Sun, 42

“When I think about it, I feel like, yeah, I’ve been through stuff, I kinda know what’s going on, I’ve made peace with certain things, I’ve figured some stuff out. So in that sense, I do feel 40. But I also feel like when you’re young, 40 was something that your parents are. Like, wah so old. But I don’t feel old old. I just feel 40, whatever that means,” the local singer said in an 8 Days interview.

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Cynthia Koh, 47

“The definition of old age is all in your mind. It’s how you think, how you feel. When I’m 60, I still want to have the mindset of a 20-something,” the “My Star Bride” star told Simply Her in a 2016 interview.

Jolin Tsai, 40

When asked about her thoughts on turning 40, Taiwan Mandopop diva Jolin Tsai shared at a product launch last year that she is less headstrong than before and makes decisions faster. “In my 30s, I was always compelled to accomplish something, but now I’ve let go of many of these goals and I don’t feel forced to chase after them anymore.”

Rainie Yang, 36

“When I was around 30, I felt that was a time of finding myself. I thought I knew what I wanted, but there was also a sense that I was lost, so I wanted to discover myself again. Now, I feel more able to let go of some things,” the doe-eyed Taiwanese singer said at a press conference in 2019.

Lin Chi-ling, 46

“Before anyone brought up the topic of turning 40, I’ve never felt like it made any difference. I’m still on the same career path. Sometimes I even forget that I’m getting older. I tell myself that age is just a number. I need to create my own “golden age”. My figure might change, my looks might change, but I can still be just as happy and content,” the Taiwanese supermodel told The Paper in 2014.

Dee Hsu, 42

“I always see my own flaws — my under-eye hollows, eyebags and weight. This insecurity has led me to go for a series of fillers and botox. My face became super stiff, like a zombie! When I asked my daughters, “which part of mummy is not beautiful?” They said nothing. They love me just the same. Aya is not a beauty but I love her just the same.

Is there anyone who loves me for my appearance? If I’m a selfish beauty, would anyone still love me? Why do I bring up such frivolous things? When I hit 40, I suddenly feel conflicted. Don’t they say another year older, another year wiser? That’s not true. Human beings are always making their lives miserable with nonsense. I want to be able to speak freely.

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I want to be happy without putting on a false front. I am seeking natural beauty. So, cut yourself some slack! Love yourself. If you want to get a cosmetic enhancement, go for it but do so in moderation,” Taiwanese host Dee Hsu shared in a 2018 Facebook post.

This article was first published in Her World Online.


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