Besides the lift technician who was killed yesterday after becoming trapped in a lift shaft, and the three men who died in the explosion in a Tuas factory on Wednesday, there were seven other work-related fatalities this month.


Who: Indian national, 31, employed by Li Fu Zhan Engineering

Where: Jurong West Street 52 construction site

What happened: Found unconscious and slouched against the control panel of a boom lift; died in hospital from unspecified injuries.


Who: Singaporean prime mover driver, 67, employed by Yong Tat Logistics

Where: 37 Jurong Port Road

What happened: Fell 2m to the ground after he stood on steel bars on his trailer bed to help a forklift operator adjust a steel bundle.


Who: Singaporean delivery rider, 30, employed by Declarators

Where: Ayer Rajah Expressway

What happened: Collided with the rear of a truck and was pronounced dead at the scene.

FEB 10

Who: Mr Koh Kok Heng, 53, a permanent resident and director at JMS Construction

Where: 38 University Walk

What happened: Fell 4.7m through opening in the floor while overseeing construction work at the semi-detached house.

FEB 16

Who: Singaporean man, 52, self-employed

Where: East Special Purposes Anchorage

What happened: Fell into the sea while climbing down a pilot ladder of a vessel to board a passenger launch. He was rescued but died after he was taken to the hospital.

FEB 20

Who: Bangladeshi forklift operator, 23, employed by Lum Chang Building Contractors

Where: 1A Havelock Square (Former State Courts building)

What happened: Crushed by forklift he was operating after it had reversed into a pit and toppled.

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FEB 21

Who: Indian national, 27, employed by Sharp Engineering and Construction

Where: 14 Penjuru Road

What happened: Trapped between two shipping containers after one of them had shifted while the man was walking along a path between the containers.



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