Police officers were led on a high-speed car chase in the early hours of Tuesday morning after a man sped through a road block.

The chase spanned at least 11km from Balestier Road to Meyer Road, where the man then abandoned his car and attempted to flee on foot.

A police spokesman said that at about 12.35am, officers were conducting a road block along Balestier Road towards Thomson Road when the 30-year-old refused to comply with instructions.

The man, who is suspected of drink-driving, sped off in his grey car, as officers chased him down Thomson Road to Meyer Road.

Witnesses told Chinese-language evening daily Shin Min Daily News that at least 13 police vehicles made up of police cars, traffic police motorcycles and crime scene investigation vehicles were deployed at the scene at around 2am.

An unidentified witness told Shin Min: “When I was driving by, a police officer asked me if I had seen a man. I thought it was someone who broke into a home, but discovered later that it was someone trying to escape a road block.”

Another witness, an unidentified employee of a furniture shop along Balestier Road, said he saw the car speeding through the road block from a distance and police cars immediately giving chase.

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The police later arrested the suspect for alleged possession of scheduled weapons, traffic offences and suspected drug offences.

Investigations are ongoing.

First-time drink-driving offenders can be fined up to $10,000 and/or jailed for up to a year. The maximum penalty is doubled for repeat offenders.

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