12-year-old girl found dead with phone in hand during a thunderstorm in Malaysia

A 12-year-old girl in Malaysia has died after the family’s home was hit by lightning during a thunderstorm.

She was found unconscious with burn marks on her hand. She was holding her mobile phone, reports from Malaysia said.

Nur Asyqin Qistina was found unconscious around 4.50pm on Monday (Aug 15), Malaysia’s Berita Herian reported.

Her father had been praying at a mosque nearby when his wife informed him that there was a power failure at their house in Kelantan.

A thunderstorm was raging.

When he got home, their daughter was unresponsive.

She was taken to a clinic where she was pronounced dead.


She was found holding her phone in her right hand, which showed burn marks.

There were also burn marks on a mattress and the phone charger was nearby.

It was not clear if the charger had actually been plugged in.

The Gua Musang district police chief was quoted as saying that a solar inverter installed in the house had been struck by lightning.

No foul play was suspected.

This article was first published in The New Paper. Permission required for reproduction.


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