17-year-old becomes CEO of McLaren for a day

A 17-year old youth activist has become the Chief Executive Officer of McLaren Automotive for a day to celebrate International Day of the Girl and encourage young people, and particularly young women, into science and engineering careers.

Maisy, from Wales, took over the reins from McLaren Automotive CEO Mike Flewitt as part of McLaren Automotive’s long-term partnership with global children’s rights charity Plan International.

Maisy started the day with a handover from CEO Mike Flewitt, where he presented her with CEO business cards and her McLaren CEO access pass.

The day included leading her executive team in strategic decisions as well as collaborating with many of the company’s female business leaders, engineers, scientists, and designers.


CEO Maisy gained an understanding of every aspect of the process of designing, engineering, building and marketing supercars and helped to hand-build a McLaren, including putting on the all-important McLaren badge as the finishing touch to one of the company’s new hybrid supercars, the McLaren Artura.

Mike Flewitt commented on the handover, “Our work with Plan International is for the long-term and I’m delighted that one of the key decisions Maisy led on as CEO was our pledge to work with Plan International on McLaren’s commitment to holding workshops with 100 girls over the next 12 months, scaling up to 1,000 globally by 2025 to encourage greater take-up of STEM careers. That is a legacy Maisy and everyone at McLaren can be very proud of.”

This article was first published in sgCarMart.


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