Two officials from the market regulation department of Yongxing county, Hunan province, were removed from their posts, after an investigation of baby shops that were passing off powdered protein drinks as special infant formula.

A couple who ran a baby shop in Yongxing county of Chenzhou had claimed that the protein drink Beianmin was a formula for special medical purposes. They were investigated on suspicion of false advertising.

Beianmin is a protein powder produced by Tianjin Deheng Science and Technology Co. The products involved have inspection reports issued by the manufacturer and the food quality inspection station of Guangdong province.

The parents of five infants reported that their babies had developed abnormal symptoms after consuming Beianmin drinks. The local government arranged for free medical examinations in Chenzhou hospitals.

According to an assessment by medical experts, the five infants were malnourished, underweight and had insufficient vitamin D3.

Local authorities said they will continue to offer one-on-one care and nutritional guidance to parents and children who had consumed the protein drink.


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