The patient’s wife says she and her family have been exposed to unnecessary risks and danger following the mix-up in his test results.

PETALING JAYA: Confusion over three men with the same name is believed to have led to a man being discharged from hospital although he had tested positive for Covid-19.

Alleging negligence on the part of Hospital Serdang, Azra Ghaz, of Kajang, said the hospital claimed they had confused her husband’s test results because there were two other patients with the same name.

In a letter of complaint to the health ministry dated Dec 27, sighted by FMT, Azra said her husband was warded at the hospital on suspicion of having blood cancer on Dec 7. He also suffered from diabetes, hypertension and heart problems.

She said her husband was believed to have contracted Covid-19 during his 12-day stay at the hospital after another patient in the same ward tested positive.

However, the hospital said her husband had tested negative, and he and other patients who had also reportedly tested negative were moved to different beds in the same ward.

On Dec 17, her husband was sent home after the hospital informed him there were not enough beds and that the ward had to be sanitised.

He was given a pink wristband and asked to complete mandatory home quarantine for another four days.

Before her husband returned home, Azra said, she sent her parents and her seven-year-old child to their hometown in Johor as a precaution.

“During his quarantine at home, I practised the necessary SOPs,” she said. “I isolated my husband in a separate room.”

She also practised physical distancing and wore a mask at home.

“All of my husband’s personal items were sanitised repeatedly. We also reduced face-to-face conversation and communicated through WhatsApp to reduce the risk of infection.”

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On Dec 21, Azra brought her husband to the same hospital where he was declared to have completed his mandatory home surveillance order. “My husband was also informed that he had tested negative during the second Covid-19 RT-PCR screening.”

Following that, she said, he was also given a letter of discharge from the hospital.

Azra said she then stopped practising the SOPs at home since her husband had supposedly tested negative during both screenings and was no longer under quarantine.

“I also asked our child to return home from Johor. On the same night, my younger sibling visited us together with my child.”

However, two days later on Dec 23, she and her husband were shocked when the hospital called to inform them that he had actually tested positive for Covid-19.

She said the hospital claimed they had given him the wrong results as there were two other patients with the same name.

Azra said they had to wait another 30 hours for the hospital to send an ambulance to take him to the Sungai Buloh Hospital.

In her letter of complaint, she also said her husband, who was suffering from a painful hip condition that restricted his movement, was forced to wait another six hours in a hall at Kajang before boarding a bus to transport patients to the Sungai Buloh Hospital.

She claimed the decision to send her husband home after he got infected had endangered her life and that of her family, adding that she also suffers from asthma, diabetes and hypertension.

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She questioned how the hospital could have given them the wrong Covid-19 screening results, since the patients’ MyKad numbers were written on every wristband.

“I hope the health ministry can consider giving appropriate attention and support for my family,” she said.



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