3-year-old Singaporean dies due to Covid-19, country’s third reported fatality under 12

The Ministry of Health last night confirmed that a three-year-old had died of Covid-19 on Tuesday.

The Singaporean girl had tested positive for coronavirus on Aug. 9 and was admitted to a hospital days later. 

The ministry said she died from a lack of oxygen to the brain caused by a cardiac arrest and the Covid-19 infection. She did have a history of medical conditions prior to contracting Covid-19.

She is the third child under 12 to die of Covid-19 in Singapore. 

The first was a one-and-a-half-year-old Singaporean boy who died in June from an inflammation of the brain and two other viral infections caused by the Covid-19 infection. A month later, a four-year-old Singaporean girl died after suffering from adverse symptoms of an upper respiratory tract infection and fever.

Both had no prior medical issues, the ministry said.

Singapore has recorded 1,867,168 cases with 1,604 deaths since the start of the pandemic. As of yesterday afternoon, 210 are hospitalized and nine are warded in the intensive care unit.

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