RIYAD: The Special Forces for Environmental Security (SFES) in Riyadh announced on Wednesday that it has initiated legal proceedings against 34 people accused of violating laws prohibiting the sale or transfer of local wood.

The perpetrators include 21 Saudi citizens, nine Sudanese, two Pakistanis, one Yemeni and one Indian, charged with possession of more than 52 tons of local wood that they were intending to sell.

The legal action is in line with a campaign carried out by the Ministry of Interior, represented by the Special Forces for Environmental Security, and other authorities in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture.

Tasked with protecting the environment, wildlife and biodiversity across the Kingdom and to enforce laws and regulations in conservation areas, the FES currently has 1,100 employees.

Brig. Gen. Saher bin Muhammad Al-Harbi, the SFES commander, said in an exclusive interview with Arab News last month that the number will grow to 10,000 in the next four years.


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