4 Awesome Places for Young Learners in Singapore

4 Awesome Places for Young Learners in Singapore

Singapore has plenty of fantastic places that adults and kids alike will enjoy, and these include breathtaking green spaces and exciting wildlife centres. The city-state is also home to spaces that offer learning opportunities for children of all ages, making any outing in and around the Lion City both memorable and insightful.

Families with younger children, in particular, appreciate going to places where their kids can continue learning about their academic interests in an entertaining and engaging way. These venues also allow kids to interact with other children and adults, giving them a chance to enhance their communication skills. Additionally, going on such outings can strengthen family bonds as parents and their kids discover new things and create memories together.

If your child is studying at a local elementary school or one of the international primary schools in Singapore, you can augment their learning experiences by bringing them to fun and educational places outside of the classroom. Here are some great places where you can take your young learners for a day of excitement and knowledge-building in Singapore:

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens is a must-visit for any family that’s interested in teaching their kids more about nature. Considered to be one of the city-state’s best parks, this tropical garden is home to a wide variety of lush greeneries. The garden also hosts a number of educational activities and features fun and sensorial playgrounds for younger children.

Should you take your kids here, make sure to visit the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. It’s a dedicated space for children aged 14 years old or younger, which makes it perfect for younger kids enrolled in a primary school. This particular area  is designed to teach kids about plant ecology and the natural environment through self-discovery and experiential learning.Young learners can also head to a forest with a stream and ponds where they can play and explore all day long. This gives them plenty of exercise as well as an opportunity to interact with the natural environment.

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Singapore Science Centre 

If you’re parents of budding young scientists, support your children’s interest in studying the physical and natural world by taking them to the Science Centre Singapore. This kid-friendly institution has a lot of fun and educational exhibitions young learners are sure to enjoy. For instance, the Fire exhibition provides kids with an in-depth look at how matches, lighters, and firecrackers work. Here, your children can learn about how important fire is and what exactly happens when something burns.

Additionally, the centre is home to Singapore’s domed cinema, the Omni Theatre. It’s equipped with the finest IMAX technology to give its audiences immersive viewing experiences. Typically, the theater hosts many digital film screenings featuring a variety of movies about nature and history.

Jurong Lake Gardens

Jurong Lake Gardens is a haven for nature lovers and an ideal retreat for the entire family. It has plenty of green spaces to play and relax in, an example of which is the Butterfly Maze. Here, your children can become young adventurers for a day. As they navigate the landscape and look for a way out, they’ll get the opportunity to learn about pollination and the lifecycle of butterflies through the various signs placed throughout the maze.

After going through the maze, kids can enjoy a special section of the Therapeutic Garden to experience the healing effects of nature. Visitors can rest and relax in the pavilion while enjoying the scenic view of the Bedok Reservoir. Also, the garden has design elements and user-friendly features that cater to the needs of all children including those with mild autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

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The garden is also home to the Children’sDiscovery Area, where young learners can simulate play while engaging their senses. It has four thematic zones: the Fragrance Zone, the Sound Zone, the Touch Zone, and the Plant Zoo.

Night Safari

The activities you and your kids can participate in don’t just happen during the day. If you prefer to take your children out to a fun evening, you can go to the Night Safari and let them see nocturnal animals in their unique habitats.

This wildlife park houses close to 900 nocturnal animals from over 100 species. It is also home to many creatures indigenous to the region, like the endangered Asian elephant, the Malayan tiger, and the Malayan tapir.

You can explore the park by riding a tram car and observing the night creatures through the Guided Tram Ride. It comes with audio commentary so you and your children can learn more about the animals while enjoying a comfortable ride around the site. 

Alternatively, you can walk along any of the park’s four trails and see more animals from different parts of the world. If your kids want to experience what it’s like trekking through the jungles of Singapore, head to the Fishing Cat Trail. There, young learners can see the fishing cat, giant anteater, and armadillo in an environment that simulates their natural habitat. Afterwards, you can visit the East Lodge Trail, where you and your kids can watch animals from Africa and Asia living harmoniously. Expect to see the red river hogs and the babirusa of Sulawesi together. You’ll also get to observe the Malayan tiger, servals, and spotted hyaenas living alongside each other.

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The Lion City features no shortage of venues where you can take your kids out on an educational and enjoyable experience. Going to any of these fun and educational places in Singapore can not only provide your family with fantastic bonding activities but also encourage your children to participate in learning opportunities outside of the classroom. From spacious gardens to science centres, you won’t run out of exciting places to visit with your eager young learners.

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