4 things to know about Healthier SG

SINGAPORE – Healthier SG is a decisive shift in Singapore’s healthcare system which emphasises preventive care to keep people healthier. Here’s what you should know about the strategy.

Pairing one resident with one GP

Residents can sign up with a single family doctor, who knows their conditions well and can help them manage their health.

The first consultation will be free. 

The resident and his doctor will come up with a health plan which will include lifestyle changes and regular check-ups.

GPs will receive an annual service fee from the Government for each enrolled resident, which will be tiered based on the resident’s health risk profile and the care required. 

Free screenings, vaccinations

Residents who enrol in Healthier SG can get free annual check-ups and nationally recommended vaccinations such as flu shots. Screening for the following diseases will be free:

– Type 2 diabetes 

– Hypertension (high blood pressure)

– Hyperlipidaemia (high cholesterol) 

– Breast cancer

– Cervical cancer 

– Colorectal cancer

Cheaper medicines

Prices of medicines at GP clinics will be lowered to be closer to those at polyclinics to encourage people to stick with a family doctor.

This will be done by introducing a new subsidy tier to the Community Health Assist Scheme (Chas) for common chronic disease drugs. Drug price limits will also be set.

Patients with certain chronic illnesses will be able to use MediSave to pay the full amount for their treatment, instead of having to co-pay 15 per cent of the bill. 


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