5 Anti-Hacking Tools to Keep Your Computer Safe

5 Anti-Hacking Tools to Keep Your Computer Safe

Hacking is a cybersecurity issue that jeopardizes computer users’ privacy. If your computer crashes more than usual, it could result from hackers. It’s no wonder many people take strict measures to prevent their systems from being hacked using anti-hacking software. This software helps to safeguard and secure your system’s information, making it inaccessible for malicious purposes.

Since we carry out many activities over the internet, like playing in an online live casino or watching movies online, you might have a mini bout of anxiety wherever you click any link for fear of unintentionally getting malware. Antivirus software will give you better peace of mind and is a reliable way of preventing access to your details, including your bank information.

Here are some of the best anti-hacking software programs to properly protect your computer.

1. Anti-Hacker

Anti-hacker software, as the name implies, assists you in gaining greater control over your security. The anti-hacking software makes it difficult for hackers to access your computer, ensuring they cannot do so. With a few clicks, you can address all the security issues you have on the system.

The software has the following features:

  • The “Run as Administrator” vulnerabilities can be disabled.
  • It has a startup scanner.
  • It helps third-party firewalls patch their user account control.
  • It can remove or detect all keyloggers.
  • It can restore all default settings.

These features ensure that your computer is always safe and secure and that your files and applications are not harmed.

2. Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection is a platform developed by Microsoft to prevent any threat to the computer system on which it’s installed. It is also responsible for investigating potential threats and protecting your information even after the hacker has breached your computer system.

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There are many versions of Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, which include:

  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Windows 10 Pro Education
  • Windows 10 for Education
  • Windows 10 Enterprise.

Even if there’s already a threat to your computer, this software will help you eliminate it.

3. Reasonable Core Security

Reason Core Security is also anti-hacking software created by Microsoft and provides an outstanding response to malicious threats, including spyware and adware. Reason Core Security is used in the Internet of Things as a security scanner and is free to use. The software is quiet, and you’d barely notice any changes in your computer. It also doesn’t cause a delay or use up a considerable amount of your battery life or data.

With cloud-based scans, it can detect all threats, including recent and existing ones. Its functions also extend to protecting your web browser when there are any virus extensions or any other form of malware. To make things better, the software is easy to use and operate. All you need to do is click scan, sit back, and watch it do its job.

4. Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit

The Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit is anti-hacking software that helps other software by providing special protection to defeat vulnerabilities. It also serves as a buffer layer of defense against malicious attacks that lies between the firewall and antivirus software.

5. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is an anti-hacking software for Windows and Apple’s OS X operating systems. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware helps to find malware, repair files damaged by viruses, and even get rid of rootkits.

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The software prevents access to any malicious site on the internet, helps with detection, does an automatic scan, and prevents any malware from modifying or terminating the anti-malware software itself. It also comes in a free version that allows you to manually remove the malware, while the paid version is automatic. To get this software, you can head over to their website.


Having viruses and other malware on your computer is never something anyone wishes for, but many people are unaware of the benefits of using antivirus software instead of wishing they hadn’t gotten a virus on their computer.

The anti-malware software listed above is one of the best and most well-known programs; get started with it. Even if money is a constraint, you can use many free versions of reliable antivirus software to protect your computer.

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