5 Reasons Why Mediclaim for Senior Citizens is Important?

5 Reasons Why Mediclaim for Senior Citizens is Important?

The medical needs of your parents are different in today’s date then they used to be a few years ago. With the emerging health conditions day after day, you cannot expect a common health insurance policy to be the hero in the cape. Hence, amidst the rising health-related problems, getting mediclaim for senior citizens of your family is more important than ever!

Today through this segment, we will decode 5 reasons why getting a mediclaim for Senior Citizens is important. But first, let us educate you about what a Mediclaim is for Senior Citizens.

What is Health Insurance for Senior Citizens?

Health insurance for senior citizens or mediclaim for senior citizens is a health plan specially designed for the medical needs of people over 60.

Health insurance companies such as Care health insurance understand the medical hardships that old age brings. Thus the companies design health insurance plans that are suitable for the healthcare needs of the elderly.

5 Reasons Why Health Insurance Policy for Senior Citizens is Important

Every year, the cost of health care in India increases at a rate of more than 14%! This inflation in medical costs calls for the need for qualified health insurance plans that may provide a financial helmet to the landslide of your finances.

Although a comprehensive plan may cover all of your family members in one plan, it may not provide all the necessary coverage that your ageing parents may require. Here are the reasons why you should consider buying standalone mediclaim for senior citizens:

1. Rising Medical Treatment Costs.

With the rapid growth in the medical infrastructure of the country, the costs of medical treatments have also increased in India. In such a case, a dedicated mediclaim policy for senior citizens can ensure a higher secured premium amount for the elderly of your family.

2. Increased Critical Emergencies.

In today’s date, the chances of your elderly being affected by critical diseases such as kidney, heart, and liver failure are the highest. In any such case, a comprehensive plan does not provide promising coverage; however, dedicated health insurance provided by companies such as care health insurance can ensure that you remain financially covered for any such urgencies.

3. Need of Day Care Treatments.

Whether it is because of gastrointestinal problems, because of dental health, or some other pre-existing health disorder, old age is home to multiple health-related disorders. These disorders may lead to frequent admission to the hospital.

In such a case where your parents need frequent admissions to the hospital, senior citizen health insurance can come to rescue your finances.

4. Costs Incurred Because of Pre-existing Diseases.

If your parents are suffering from any pre-existing diseases such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism etc., then, having a pre-existing disease coverage to your existing family health insurance plan can cost you a fortune. Whereas, with a competent senior citizen health insurance plan, you may most probably get coverage for the pre-existing disease.

5. Need for Vital Health Checkups.

While regular health checkups should never be avoided, these are the most frequently overlooked habits in the old-age. One big reason for skipping regular health checkups is the rise in the costs of diagnostic tests. Here, having standalone health insurance for senior citizens can provide financial coverage for annual health check-ups for your insured parents.

Summing it Up

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, standalone mediclaim for senior citizens can also be beneficial in getting coverage such as ambulance coverage, organ donor coverage, domiciliary cover etc.

So, if you are yet to get your parents added to your existing health insurance plan, make a smart move and buy independent health insurance for senior citizens!

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