5 Reasons Why Successful Six Sigma Certbolt Exam-Takers Prefer Practice Tests over Long Study Hours

Six Sigma is a great set of principles and tools every passionate project manager should be aware of. Utilizing this methodology makes processes more efficient, thereby cost-effective, and ultimately profitable. Statistics show that over 50% of the Fortune 500 companies have already embraced Six Sigma to increase productivity.

If you wish to pursue a career as a Six Sigma specialist or boost your performance as a leader, you need to get your hands on a reputed accreditation. Certbolt Exams are the hurdle you need to get past to earn the desired credential, so in this article let’s take a peek into what are the main strategies successful test-takers use. For more visit Certbolt.com    

Six Sigma Certification with IASSC  

IASSC is an independent third-party Six Sigma certbolt certification provider that has earned the trust of universities, the US army, navy, airforce, marines, etc. It offers three Six Sigma badges, namely:

  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt — price $195. Validates foundational skills and is directly used in job roles such as:
    • Production supervisor
    • Business analyst
    • Supply chain analyst
    • Mechanical engineer

According to Pascale, the average annual salary for a Yellow Belt is $67k.

  • Six Sigma Green Belt — price $295. This one is for professionals who are familiar with more advanced Six Sigma concepts and can work under Black Belt certified professionals as:
    • Manufacturing engineer
    • Process engineer
    • Project manager
    • Quality manager

The average annual salary for a Green Belt is $75k.

  • Six Sigma Black Belt — price $395. This is the highest recognition a professional can receive for their expertise in Six Sigma. Generally, a Black Belt holder leads projects on a full-time basis. Job roles available include:
    • Director of operations
    • Project manager
    • Quality manager
    • Continuous improvement manager
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The average annual salary for a Black Belt is $94k.

The above details may have given you an idea on which path you need to follow, next let’s dive deep into the most important aspect of qualifying exams.

Assessment Information

Below is a compilation of some characteristics of IASSC Six Sigma exams common to all certbolt certification levels.

  • Closed-Book
  • Passing score of 70%
  • Web-based testing option available
  • Multiple-choice questions

The Yellow, Green, and Black belt badges have 60, 100, and 150 questions and last for 2, 3, and 4 hours respectively. For more visit Exam-Labs      

Top 5 Reasons Why Practice Tests Are Essential

It’s a common habit to utilize practice tests during preparation and revising with them a few days before the main assessment. This is a brilliant strategy, and here’s why:

  • Attempting practice tests from the very first phase of preparation allows you to reinforce the concepts you’ve newly learned
  • Familiarizing with the certbolt exam structure will help manage time more effectively when sitting for the actual test
  • Repetitively undergoing exam conditions will help focus better and calm nerves
  • Tracking your scores, you’ll understand your progress and adapt your pace, learning hours, and material accordingly
  • Perform tests using various strategies and pick the ones that work best for you


The Six Sigma certbolt certification is your gateway to well-paid jobs in the biggest companies like Amazon, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, etc. The exams you should take to get accredited can be a burden if you don’t use the right tools at the right time. So, do practice tests promptly to support learning and maximize scores. If you prepare smartly for your Six Sigma, you too can become a pioneer in the project management field.

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