5 times a week, no role-playing: Edison Wang and Sharon Hsu share details about their sex life

Some celebrities prefer to keep the details in their relationships private, while others believe sharing is caring.

Edison Wang and Sharon Hsu definitely fall in the latter category.

At a sexual health education event on Thursday (Nov 10), the Taiwanese celebrity couple shared that their frequency of having sex has remained the same even after tying the knot last November, reported China Press.

“Five times a week is pretty good!” said Edison, 35.

It seems like things are going great for the two actors in terms of their sex life, as Sharon, 41, strongly denied ever faking her orgasm.

“I’ll tell him what makes me feel comfortable,” she said. “I always tell him not to be fake. If you aren’t happy, why should you please others?”

The couple believe in communicating their likes and dislikes, with Sharon sharing how she brought up the idea of role-playing during sex. She wanted to know if her husband preferred uniforms, stockings or sexy lingerie.

Edison’s response? A firm “You don’t need it.”

The actor explained that physical touch during sex is more important to him, but added his wife looks sexy in tight dresses.

Edison also explained that he takes the initiative more often. When he hugs Sharon from behind, it’s an indication he wants it. If Sharon is not in the mood, she’ll voice out.

Sharon starred alongside Edison in the 2019 film Beauty and the Fist. She married Alex Tien, a former member of Taiwanese boy band B.A.D, in 2009 before they parted ways in 2013. Alex married Singaporean actress Yvonne Lim in September 2014.


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