She’s only six years old and already the owner of a building in the most expensive district in Seoul.

Meet Boram, South Korea’s top YouTube star who has over 31 million subscribers.

Since 2016, viewers have been tuning in to see the adorable girl review toys and take a peek into her family life.

Her two YouTube channels — Boram Tube ToysReview and Boram Tube Vlog — generate an average monthly revenue of $4.2 million.

In April, Boram’s family purchased a five-storey building in Gangnam for 9.5 billion won (S$11 million), reported Maeil Business Newspaper.

While it may appear to be anyone’s dream ‘job’ — engaging in fun activities while raking in the dough — it’s a different matter altogether when a child is the one who is working.

In 2017, Save The Children Korea pressed charges against Boram’s parents for filming the girl in situations that may cause her distress.

The videos, which showed the girl in scenarios such as stealing money from her father’s wallet and pretending that she was giving birth, were subsequently made private.

According to The Korea Herald, the Seoul Family Court upheld the charity’s accusation.


Boram is not the only child who has come under the spotlight.

In April, a video clip of a Chinese woman kicking her three-year-old daughter sparked outrage on social media.

Niuniu, a well-known child model, was kicked during a photo shoot because she was “too tired to perform.”

On another occasion, her mother was also filmed hitting her with a clothes hanger.

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