A daughter, a wife, a mother and a business owner, Jamie Yeo has worn many hats after entering showbiz in 1999. She has been an actress – most notably starring in Growing Up as Tammy Tay – radio DJ, host and TV presenter.

Throughout the years, Jamie Yeo has been blessed with an unwavering fanbase who adores and trusts her.

In fact, they are likely a reason why her jewellery line Lula J Jewelry, could rake in almost a six-figure revenue in half a year of its inception.

Jamie has been in the public spotlight for over 20 years, but how much do you really know about her?

In celebration of her 44th birthday on April 17, we’ve rounded up eight things you need to know about this go-getter.

8 things to know about Jamie Yeo, including her Lula J Jewelry line

1. Her debut role was her most famous

Jamie Yeo started her showbiz career in 1999 with the role of Tammy Tay, the youngest of the Tay family children in the longest-running English-language drama Growing Up.

She filled the role from season three while she was still studying Mass Communications in Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Her later roles included Si Ting in Holland Village (2003) and Huang An Ni in The Champions (2004).

2. She has a melodic voice

During her years as an actress, Jamie Yeo started dabbling into radio and became a full-time DJ between 2000 and 2006 with 987FM.

Later, she moved to Power 98 and Gold 905 as a radio presenter. In total, she spent over 12 years being a disc jockey, entertaining listeners via the airwaves with her soothing voice.

Currently, Jamie provides services such as TV and radio presenting, hosting, emceeing and being a voiceover talent, according to her LinkedIn.

3. She loves football

In a 2009 interview with TheSportCampus, Jamie Yeo revealed that she was an avid football fan.

Her favourite football club is Arsenal and her favourite player is Thierry Henry.

In fact, her love for the sport, combined with her experience on television, is likely what got her the role of football presenter for ESPN Star Sports, World Cup 2014 and SportsWorld on Channel NewsAsia.

4. Dating apps worked for her

For many of us who have tried dating apps, we know that it can be really difficult and disheartening to find a partner on these platforms.

But the stars aligned for Jamie Yeo – it was on Tinder that she met her current husband Rupert, a British expatriate working in risk management.

The two fell in love quickly, got married less than a year after they had started dating and have a son, Luke, who is three.

Despite their busy schedule, Jamie revealed that the two still make time for romantic date nights without the kids.

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5. She grew from past relationships

Prior to Rupert, Jamie Yeo was married twice. The first was to fellow DJ Glenn Ong and the second to Englishman Thorsten Nolte, a communication agency boss.


Looking back at her marriage to Ong which lasted five years, she acknowledged her part which led to the breakdown of their marriage.

In an interview with Today, she said: “I don’t think I’ve said it before, but our break-up was my fault and I’m really sorry for it. You can put that down on record.”

On her divorce with Nolte, Jamie said the decision to split came after they had “exhausted all options” in trying to solve some “deep-seated problems” which arose from inherent personality differences.

The couple then made a mutual decision to end their five-year marriage after realising how their unhappiness had affected their daughter Alysia, who is now nine years old.

After much reflection, Jamie concluded: “I wish I could have been a good example to all the girls and women out there, but I just couldn’t. I have to think for my daughter and I have to be happy.”

6. She’s a seasoned entrepreneur

Besides being in showbiz, Jamie has also started her own businesses. With her former husband Nolte, the two had started marketing firm Upfront Media, which is now defunct.

Jamie had also started Mum.sg with a friend in 2013, an online shopping platform targeted at helping mothers find anything from necessities to toys and gifts.

The platform, likely to be defunct too, was doing well and reportedly received over a thousand orders a day at its height. These days, Jamie has dived into another business, which brings us to our next point…

7. She has a successful jewellery line

Lula J Jewelry, which is a combination of her children’s names (Luke and Alysia), was launched right as the circuit breaker started last year.

In a short span of half a year, the brand brought in an almost six-figure revenue – without much marketing efforts other than Jamie modelling the pieces on her Instagram account.

This attests to her star power and a strong follower base that trusts her. In an interview with 8 Days, Jamie said that she strives to keep the fine jewellery line filled with stylish and affordable timeless pieces under US$1,000 (S$1,333)

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8. She’s an advocate for self-care

Being a wife, mother and business owner of a budding brand is not easy. But Jamie is a firm believer in carving out time from a busy schedule for self-care.

In an interview with theAsianparent, she shared that such instances can be as simple as finding some peaceful alone time after dropping off the children at school, and enjoying the tranquillity of going for a gym workout.

She emphasised that mothers should not feel guilty as self-care is “actually being selfless because when you care for yourself, you’re actually allowing yourself to be in a much better position and condition to care for others”. We can’t agree more with that.

This article was first published in Her World Online.


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