If you love the idea of a smart home, or if you’re already in the process of building one, here are some smart bedroom products to invest in! From an adjustable bed to creating the right ambience for a fruitful rest, control everything at your fingertips from the comfort of your bed with the touch of a smartphone.

1. Woosa adjustable bed base


Designed for convenience and powered by silent German-made motors, the Woosa Adjustable Bed Base not only reclines and adjusts to angles but can also memorise up to four of your favourite positions, including a comfy one to Netflix and a leg lift to reduce lower back pressure.

The dual USB ports on each side and a soothing under-bed night light ensure you won’t disturb your partner when you’re up late.

The Woosa Adjustable Bed base retails from $1,399 at www.woosa.sg.

2. Cellini float bed and Natura mattress


Get a quality night’s sleep with the Cellini Float Bed, designed with premium materials and zero-gravity technology to help distribute your weight more evenly.

Each side offers personal adjustability and comes with a remote control to accommodate your sleeping preferences. Coupled with the antibacterial and self-deodorising Natura mattress, the Float Bed promises you’ll wake up refreshed each morning.

The Cellini Float Bed with Natura Mattress retails from $3,599 at www.cellini.com.sg.

3. Brixton bulb (Smoky) by VIO


Incorporating smart lighting without the hassle of renovation, the Brixton Bulb (Smoky) screws easily into any E27 light holder or fixture in your home. And, just like the Brixton Bulb (Golden), it works with the VIO smartphone app to help you manage the brightness and warmth to create a cosy ambience.

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The Brixton Bulb (Smoky) and the Brixton Bulb (Golden) are $1.60 per month each on a subscription basis at www.vio.com.sg.

4. Sol Luminaire Aeon Voli and Globula


Often watch the TV in the bedroom? Sol Luminaire’s Voli and Globula lights from the AEON range feature dim to warm technology you can e control via your smart home system app or Google Assistant, so you can have a pre-set lighting for watching movies or chilling before you turn in.

Their sleek, minimalist profiles also ensure that they fit into any decor theme, too.

The AEON Voli and Globula lights are available at the Sol Luminaire showroom. Prices upon enquiry.

5. Colourplay Halcyon LED strip by VIO


As the name suggests, you can play around with the lights on the slim strip or change them to any RGB hue you like via the VIO smartphone app.

The idea behind this is to give you greater freedom to set the perfect ambience for your mood, whether it’s a restful one before bedtime or a calming light before your day beyond the bedroom takes off.

The Colourplay Halcyon LED Strip retails from $5.28 per month on a subscription basis at www.vio.com.sg.

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6. Sharp Air Purifier with mosquito catcher (FP-JM40E-B)


If mosquitoes are keeping you up at night, the Sharp Air Purifier with Mosquito Catcher uses UV light and a black finish to lure them in, where a glue sheet traps them.

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The Cleanliness Monitor also helps to detect impurities in the air and tweak its fan speed automatically to remove those. With three types of filters – a pre-filter for larger particles, a carbon filter for odours, and a HEPA filter for microparticles – you’ll be able to breathe easy with this in your bedroom.

The Sharp Air Purifier with Mosquito Catcher retails from $499 at the Lazada and Shopee official Sharp store.

7. LG Artcool Platinum air-conditioner


Cool your room before you even reach home with the Artcool Platinum Air-Conditioner via the LG ThinQ smartphone app. With an energy rating of five ticks, the mirror-finished unit has filtering and deodorising functions.

It even cleans itself, preventing the build-up of bacteria and mould, and saving you from having to clean it frequently.

The LG Artcool Platinum Air- Conditioner retails at $3,170 at Courts, Gain City and other major electronic retailers.

8. Sonos One speaker


If you’re looking for a smart speaker for the bedroom, the Sonos One is great for easy listening and soothing music to lull you to sleep. Compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa, it can intelligently lower the music volume when it detects your voice via a six-microphone array.

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With two class D digital amplifiers, a tweeter and a mid-woofer, the Sonos One also delivers a rich and powerful sound when you want it to and works with other Sonos speakers.

The Sonos One retails for $329 at https://sg.tcacoustic.asia.

The Frame by Samsung


As a blank TV screen may detract from the restful atmosphere, many choose to tuck it away in a cabinet. If concealing it isn’t an option, how about looking at it as wall art?

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The Frame by Samsung is both a gallery wall and a TV! It features a customisable bezel and access to over 1,200 artworks, so you can display your favourite on the QLED screen whenever you put it in art mode.

The Frame retails from $2,450 for a 55-inch screen at www.samsung.com.

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