A dog is selling Madonna’s former mansion

A Florida mansion once owned by Madonna is back on the market and the seller is a dog. The pop star sold the waterfront property to the trust of a German Shepherd named Gunther VI in 2000, and now the dog’s managers are offloading the property. The Miami pad is on the market with an asking price of $31.75m (£23.6m) – considerably above the $7.5m (£5.6m) the pop star asked for the place 21 years ago.

‘Dead’ Indian man survives

An Indian man declared dead after a traffic accident surprised everyone when they found him still breathing following a night in the freezer of a hospital morgue. Srikesh Kumar was thought to be a goner when he arrived in hospital new New Delhi. “When a police team and his family came over to initiate the paperwork for the autopsy, he was found alive,” said a medic. “This is nothing short of a miracle.”

Aussie reporters fluffs Adele interview

An Australian TV reporter was left “mortified” when he missed an exclusive interview with the singer Adele about her new album. Matt Doran and a crew flew to London for the chat, which reportedly cost A$1m (£540,000) to secure. But when he admitted during the interview that he had only heard one track from her latest album, the meeting was scrapped and Adele’s record label refused to release the footage.


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