A fishmonger visits S.E.A. Aquarium. Hilarity ensues

What happens when a fishmonger visits an aquarium?

It turns out that the fishes there are not just aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but also yummy to the tastebuds.

Fishmonger Khor Chin Puang put his expertise to good use after a recent trip with his family to S.E.A Aquarium in Sentosa.

Taking to Facebook on Monday (Oct 24), Khor, who also runs online grocer Market Fresh, quipped: “The aquarium is really big. There are so many varieties of fish and they all look so fresh!”

In another indication of his occupational habit, Khor also shared a series of photos to highlight the catch of the day, even adding the estimated market price and tips on how to cook each species in the captions for his curious customers.

This include classics like stingray (“$16/kg. Great for BBQs”), striped rabbitfish (“Very popular with the Cantonese for frying. $10/kg”) and golden pomfrets at $12 per kilogram.

But one of the more popular takes from Khor goes to the sea cucumber, which he said that the “fresh ones look like poop”.

And several netizens in the comments can’t help but agree with that observation.


Khor might know his fishes but do take his words with a pinch of salt – especially if you’re thinking of looking at a guitar fish for your next meal.

While it is listed at a critically-endangered species, Khor reckoned the meat is “only $10 per kilogram”.

“Tastes like jelly after steaming. Take a lot of work to prepare though,” he added.

An exotic ingredient for a popular local dish? “Jellyfish. Very good for rojak,” Khor quipped. 

At this point, you might be tempted to head to S.E.A Aquarium to get a bang out of your buck.

But be warned, not all creatures there can be eaten though, according to Khor.

“Diver. Cannot eat. Not worth money,” he wrote in the photo captions.

Not sure the netizens agree though.


While Khor brought his kids along to the wet market aquarium, are they looking to follow daddy’s footsteps anytime soon?

“My son wants to be a marine biologist when he grows up,” Khor shared.

“Preservation of aquatic creatures is not high on a fishmonger’s agenda,” he joked.

In the comments, several netizens are equally amused with Khor’s witty photo captions.

“When visiting place like this, all i can say is ‘sedap ikan ni kalau goreng’ (this fish is delicious when fried),” a netizen said. 


This netizen sums up what we really feel about the fate of these fishes at S.E.A Aquarium now. 


Khor is not the only one eyeing up fishes in an aquarium for a hearty meal. 

Earlier on Oct 17, a viral video shared by Omni Channel Facebook page showed two otters standing up excitedly near an aquarium at Gardens by the Bay.

“They were hoping to get a three-star Michelin seafood deal [there],” a netizen quipped, while another remarked that Christmas is coming for these otters.

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