A good yarn

Tell Me Your Story, an installation art piece by Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota, captures the attention of visitors to the 14th edition of the European Nomadic Biennial held in Kosovo’s capital of Pristina. 

Using red yarn – a colour she associates with blood, the body and human relationships – the artist explores the threads that link people together and how these threads can break, knot, twist and unravel. 

In the work, she has also woven personal stories of birth, childhood, family and country, religion, love and death – each written by someone from Kosovo.

The European Nomadic Biennial, also known as Manifesta, is a pan-regional contemporary cultural biennale. Founded in 1994, it takes place in a different European city every two years.

This year’s edition – a 100-day programme of contemporary art, performances, events and workshops – features 102 artists, collectives and other participants, nearly half of whom are from Kosovo. It ends on Oct 30. 

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