The representative of Taiwanese actress Chao Hung-chiao (趙小僑) surprised fans on Friday with the good news that Chao has been pregnant for about 15 weeks. (Courtesy of Chao Hung-chiao/Facebook)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The representative of Taiwanese actress Chao Hung-chiao (趙小僑) surprised fans on Friday with the good news that Chao has been pregnant for about 15 weeks.

The 41-year-old actress also took to Facebook to share how she got pregnant through in-vitro fertilization (IVF) with her husband Renzo Liu (劉亮佐), a TV presenter who is 12 years older than her.

The Facebook post reads: “In the process of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) for more than a year, people around me, including my husband Liu and Tzu chuan, who most wanted to have a younger brother and sister, couldn’t bear to see me take so many injections, take so many medicines and feel so uncomfortable in the end.”

“They all wanted me to give up, and always told me that I already had such a great son Tzu chuan so I didn’t need another baby.”

Chao has been pregnant for about 15 weeks. (Courtesy of Igenomix / Stork 11 Fertility Center Taipei)

“But after the age of 40, I know more and more about the most important thing in my life, so even though I have two years to recuperate my body without wearing perfume, dyeing my hair, adjusting my work and rest, even deliberately pushing off my favorite acting work and not actively participating in film and TV work, I still have no regrets to try to conceive a baby until now.”


Renzo Liu and Chao are pictured at the hospital.

“I can only say that it has been really hard all the way, and I can fully understand the physical and mental state of many mothers who want to have babies in the same situation as me.”


The couple have been married for more than three years. In order to get their children, they have suffered a lot and pushed off many acting works, but there has been no good news.

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She has failed to have a baby through IVF twice.

Last month, she attended the event and said that this year is the “deadline” for herself.

Chao also thanked her family and friends for helping her along the way.

She also revealed that she had experienced one artificial insemination and two test-tube failures before successfully conceiving.



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