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SINGAPORE – From acting to baking, Jeanette Aw is officially embarking on her new venture as a pastry store owner.

Before revealing anything, the actress updated Instagram with a picture of herself holding a set of keys and captioned: “.. so I guess it’s a good day to share the good news of getting the keys to my dream.”

Photo: Instagram screengrab

Aw’s longtime followers knew what was up, including her friends. They left congratulatory messages and wished her well on her new adventure.

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If it couldn’t be any more obvious, a follower made a lucky guess about Aw’s new venture to which she replied: “That’s a smart guess!”

According to the conversation Mothership.sg had with the actress, Aw kept her store’s location a secret as she’d like the renovation to be carried out smoothly and swiftly.

For those who were guessing that it’s at Robertson Quay because of her Instagram post, she’s personally replied “Nope!” to another follower’s comment.

Aw did disclose that her pastry store will follow a takeaway concept partially because of the ongoing pandemic. She also intends to implement pick-up schedules to keep the store from being overcrowded.

That’s not all, Aw has chosen to work on this pastry store project without any partners to avoid conflict – but that’s for now. She does intend to expand her team in time to come.

Aw also intends to complete her other ongoing projects before fully shifting the focus to her patisserie business – and she’s excited for it.

She’s also been asked about her investment in this project. Although she didn’t hint or provide any figures, she noted that the kitchen itself is a hefty investment.

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Does that mean that visitors can expect another Instagram-worthy space? Hm…

“I’m also working with an ID for my shopfront and he does pretty niche work, so it’s pretty costly as well. There are some other elements in the shop that will also require special fabrication,” Aw told Mothership.sg.

For a while now, the actress has become more popular for her baked goods. Longtime fans would recall her studies at the highly acclaimed culinary school Le Cordon Bleu, but her love for baking goes way back.

Aw has always wanted to open her own pastry store and eventually decided that it was time to move on from home baking and bring the dream to life.

What can we say, except “Congratulations!” to our local actress? It must be the best feeling ever! /TISG

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