Ada Choi once went on a diet and ate only three grapes at every meal

Hong Kong — It has been reported that Hong Kong actress Ada Choi has been entertaining every week in her new reality show, Qing Chi Fan De Jie Jie (loosely translated as “Sisters Who Buy Us Meals”)which she stars in alongside her celeb friends Athena Chu, Catherine Hung and Monica Chan.

During the latest episode, the 47-year-old shared about the most extreme diet she went on and it is definitely a shocking one. In the episode, a personal trainer and nutritionist who has worked with Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming for many years was invited to share her thoughts on reducing one’s fat intake.

As Huang’s had made the news before for his “fresh air” and “moonlight” diet, it would make sense that the nutritionist might suggest some very outlandish tips, right? Nevertheless, the nutritionist’s best advice to lose weight was very reasonable. “You must eat your meals well,” she said, revealing a weight-loss meal that included nutritious ingredients like beef, salmon and shrimp.

Ada Choi has been very entertaining on the variety show. Picture: Weibo

Upon hearing the words of the nutritionist, Choi went on to reveal a very extreme diet plan that she once followed, as reported by

“I was filming with Tony Leung then, and at that time, I happened to be on vacation too, so I ate four meals a day, and indulged in all the sweet and fattening treats. Then, I put on weight, so I proceeded to go on a diet, and only ate three grapes for every meal. I was so hungry that I started trembling, and I called my manager, to ask if I could eat one more grape, and he rejected me, ‘cos that’s how a diet’s supposed to be like,” Ada shared.

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Chu, including everyone else who was present was shocked after hearing Choi’s story.

Chan even asked: “Why did you call [your manager] to ask for permission?”

Chiming in, Hung added: “If I were you, I’d secretly eat more, maybe one or two grapes”.

Choi then replied: “I couldn’t do that, if I secretly ate one more, there’ll be one less grape for me during the next meal”.

She also went on to state: “I just wanted to say that diets leave someone with no will to live. At that time, after I finished eating, I felt as if I had not eaten at all, I felt like ‘dying’.”/TISGFollow us on Social Media

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