Alpaca condemns Boris Johnson from beyond the grave

Boris Johnson has come under increasing criticism in recent weeks amid a slew of sleaze allegations. And now Geronimo the alpaca has spoken from beyond the grave to have a pop at the PM, according to a medium. Richard Geldard, an animal communicator, claimed the alpaca who was slaughtered over TB fears said: “Your government refuses to accept we have feelings and emotions, therefore they give us no rights. Humans yet again have much blood on their hands.”

Man collecting chip from each Wetherspoons

A man is on a mission to collect one chip from every single one of the 925 Wetherspoons in the UK. Boris Bennett, 45, carries a folder of chips around with him — each in a clear pouch, neatly labelled with the restaurant they were acquired from. He told Metro he is coating the chips in Vaseline and wax to make them last longer. A spokesperson for Wetherspoons described Bennett as “one of a kind”.

Scorpion rampage following Egyptian floods

More than 500 people have been hospitalised by scorpion stings in Egypt after storms flushed the creatures out of their hiding places and into houses. After the southern province of Aswan was hit by rare downpours, hail and thunder, the Arabian fat-tailed scorpion, or Androctonus crassicauda, which translates from Greek to “man-killer”, went on the rampage. Those who were stung by scorpions were given anti-venom doses and discharged.


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