American mother reveals toddler accidentally broadcasted her showering on Instagram Live

Mother explained the fallout from her daughter's unintended Instagram Live broadcast while she was showering. — Picture via Bri.anna89 TikTok Account
Mother explained the fallout from her daughter’s unintended Instagram Live broadcast while she was showering. — Picture via Bri.anna89 TikTok Account

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 12 — An embarrassed mother went viral on TikTok after she recounted how her daughter unintentionally broadcast her “live” on Instagram while she was showering.

According to the New York Post, the American woman identified as Brianna gave her phone to her daughter to play games while she was showering and soon her daughter asked her to fix something on the phone.

When Brianna took the phone to assist her daughter, she found it was live-streaming on Instagram.

“I gave my toddler my cellphone to play a game while I took a shower. It was a preschool learning game that she plays often. Next thing I know she is knocking on my door asking me to help her fix something. 

“I of course tell her to come in so I can help so she can keep playing. She hands me the phone while I am in the shower. I quickly realise that my phone is broadcasting LIVE on Instagram while I am in the shower,” she said.


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Brianna’s TikTok post has reached more that 28,000 likes and 777 comments including a comment that asked how many people have viewed the video of her appearing in her birthday suit.

Many parents have also shared their experience and inconvenience they faced after giving their mobile phones to their kids.

“My kid brought his zoom class to me on the toilet,” one user said

“My niece ordered 158 Parfaits from McDonalds through Uber eats,” said the second user

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“No lie, this happened to me but my daughter shared a live video of me in the tub on Facebook. I only found out after my sister called and told me to get out of the tub,” another comment read

“My daughter has sent friend requests to people on the ‘people may you know’ page before,” said the fourth commenter.

Some parents expressed relief that they do not train their children to use their phones, while others recommended Brianna to install games that do not require internet access and to switch the phone to flight mode before handing it to them.


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