Singapore—A video of an irate man slapping and scolding a boy who was sitting on a bridge in Punggol is making the rounds on social media.

The man was angry because the boy was sitting with his legs outstretched though bicycles were passing by.

Uploaded on the @sgfollowsall Instagram page on May 30, the video has been viewed over 27,000 times.

A follower of the page had sent in the video, writing, “Me and my friend were on lorong halaus cycling ( 2 separate groups ), we decided to take a rest cause my friend’s leg had a cramp, his leg was in the way. He slapped him in the face many times and started swearing at him, the fact is that hes not supposed to hit a minor for that reason. We already apologized in the first place.”

In the video, a man can be seen standing threateningly over a teenage boy, who has his phone in his hands.

IG screengrab: @adminsgfollowsall

As bicycles go by in the foreground, the man continues to berate and curse the boy and hits him on the head several times.

“So many bicycles here,” the man says, telling the boy to move his legs out of the way.

The boy, nonchalant and continuing to play with his mobile phone, replied at one point, “It’s my problem what I wanna do.”

This only seemed to make the man more angry. “Then say sorry!” the man demands.

“Your fault law? Say sorry lah,” he shouts.

The boy’s friend, who was recording the video, stepped in and tried to get the man to stop.

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“Keep quiet, it’s none of your business,” the man told him.

“Why you call me idiot sia?” the boy taking the video said.

“Then call you what? Motherf***er ah? Happy?” the man retorted. 

Till this point, only his back could be seen in the video. 

But when he turned to the boy taking the video, his face could be seen for the first time.

IG screengrab: @adminsgfollowsall

The video was also shared on the popular Facebook page on Monday (May 31), where the youth was referred to as a Young Punk (YP).

“According to the contributor, the group of YPs was cycling along Lorong Halus Red Bridge when one of the cyclists had a cramp and decided to take a break. Apparently, he had his leg stretched out while playing game on his handphone when the uncle came along and kicked his leg.”

But also wrote in a comment, “Bully uncle have no good reason to be physical with the boys. This uncle must be called out for his bullying tactics. Slapping head or face is unacceptable in our society.”

Commenters wrote in to say that youths hang out on the bridge “openly flouting Covid 19 restriction rules” and that the problem the “uncle” faced is not uncommon.

However, many others agreed that the older man should not have physically hurt the boy.


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