Anne Robinson addresses whether she’s feuding with Rachel Riley on Countdown

Countdown host Anne Robinson has addressed speculation of a behind-the-scenes feud with Rachel Riley.

Robinson, 77, replaced Nick Hewer as presenter of the Channel 4 game show earlier this year, joining regulars Riley and Susie Dent.

However, it has been reported that Riley was considering “walking away” from the show due to rising tensions with Robinson, which allegedly created an “awkward and uncomfortable atmosphere” on set.

However, Robinson appeared to deny these rumours by sharing kind words about Riley, as well as Dent, when directly asked about them by Rachel Johnson in a recent interview.

MailOnline reports that Robinson told Johnson: “They’re brilliant – both of them actually. Every time I’m astonished how she [Rachel] does that adding up and subtracting – just seconds, absolutely seconds. Amazing.”

Robinson continued: “I hope I’m always described as difficult, awkward, tricky, impatient, menopausal, grumpy.”

Last month, Riley, 35, shared her own verdict on the new host.

Rachel Riley and Anne Robinson were rumoured to be feuding on ‘Countdown’

(Channel 4)

“‘She found her feet very quickly and soon made the show her own,” she told OK! Online.

“She’s comfortable bantering with the contestants,” she added, saying that they “get to hear from them a lot more” as Robinson “asks a lot of questions”.

Riley also said that comedians who feature as guests on the show “come in with their lines prepared” as Robinson has “called out” some comedians.

“You can tell they’re up for a fight,” Riley said, continuing: “She’s not known for suffering fools gladly.”

When asked if Robinson is “more cuddly” when the cameras stop rolling, Riley said: “I don’t think anyone would describe Anne as cuddly.”

She also backed up her previous comments that the pandemic has prevented them from being able to socialise “like we normally would”.


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