Apple unveils Black Unity Braided Solo Loop for Apple Watch in celebration of Black History Month

Apple just announced a new watch strap and watch face as part of its celebration of Black History Month.

The new Black Unity watch strap and Unity Lights watch face are said to be inspired by Afrofuturism, a philosophy that explores the experience of the African Diaspora through a narrative of science, technology, and self-empowerment.

In addition, the design is meant to honour the generations of Black people who have been seen and unseen, which highlights the need for a more equitable world.

The Unity Lights watch face has a unique design, which Apple claims to be a world’s first for 2D ray tracing being used for a watch face. The Black Unity watch strap is now available for purchase at a price of S$149.

Other than the watch strap and watch face, Apple also released Afrofuturism-inspired wallpapers for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. They can be downloaded at

The article was first published on Hardware Zone


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