Arsenal CEO told he is a 'disgrace' by furious Premier League chief

Vinai Venkatesham’s week went from bad to worse following Arsenal’s involvement in the Super League farce after a fellow Premier League chief labelled him a “disgrace”.

Arsenal’s chief executive has been busy trying to make amends after the Gunners agreed to join Europe’s elite in the closed-shop competition.

With the club having already issued a grovelling statement on their social media accounts, Venkatesham took it upon himself to call round all other 14 Premier League clubs who were not invited to the Super League party.

But he was met with a fierce rebuke from his counterparts, as according to

, one exec told him he had only made the situation worse, while another called him an “absolute disgrace” amidst a humiliating dressing down.

Vinai Venkatesham was lambasted by a fellow Premier League exec after he tried to apologise
Vinai Venkatesham was lambasted by a fellow Premier League exec after he tried to apologise

Sky also report that the 14 excluded clubs are now pressuring the Premier League board to punish the ‘Big Six’ for their attempts to break away from the division.

Key to their discontent is a huge lack of trust they now have in their fellow committee members, who they want to see removed from their posts as soon as possible.

Each executive involved in confidential discussions at Premier League meetings has a wealth of knowledge which could have been shared with those at European clubs who have been conspiring to set up the Super League.

Statements from across the division gave an insight into how the actions of the ‘Big Six’ had been received among the league’s fellow members, with Everton’s reference to “preposterous arrogance” particularly damning.

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Clubs in Spain and Italy who were involved in the Super League have been informed by their respective domestic leagues that there will be no punishment against them, but the Premier League do not have to follow suit.

In addition, all clubs could still face sanction from UEFA, who previously vowed to throw the book at those responsible for the disruption this week.

However, the English contingent may have saved some face by withdrawing from the Super League, with UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin stating: “If these clubs want to play in our competition again, they will have to get close to us and we will have to evaluate what happened, but I don’t want to go into details, as we are still talking to our legal team.

“I would say that the English clubs have made a very good decision [to withdraw] and we will take that into account.”


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