Asia Esports Festival Live 2022

Asia Esports Festival Live 2022

Esports Entertainment Asia is pleased to announce Asia Esports Festival Live 2022 with an expansion of 14 game challenges and tournaments and a Cosplay Competition across four different locations in Singapore Sports Hub.

Spanning across three-days and the weekend before Singapore’s National Day from July 29th to 31st Friday to Sunday, Asia Esports Festival Live 2022 and its partners will be hosting tournaments and challenges across 14 game titles – Valorant, League of Legends, Pokemon Unite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Mobile, Halo Infinite, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, OSU, Touhou Project, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, NBA2K, FIFA22, Call Of Duty: Mobile, Street Fighter 2 and King Of Fighters ’98.

The tournaments and challenges spans across PC, Mobile, Console and Arcade Platforms. In addition to the expansion of game titles, we will also be holding a Cosplay competition called Cosplay Matsuri where shortlisted participants will be picked across the three days to enter the Cosplay Matsuri finals held on the 31st of July, Sunday 7pm at Kallang Wave Mall’s Atrium.

All 15 activities will be held across four venues:

  • Kallang Wave Mall Atrium
  • EXP – Singapore’s Largest Esports Experience Center (Kallang Wave Mall, #02-09/10)
  • SportsHub Library
  • New-Media Laboratory (Kallang Wave Mall, #02-08)

The Asia Esports Festival is a mega-esports festival organised by EEA that features the broad genre of cyber-gaming and esports competitions, together with the esports-driven entertainment and youth pop-culture that captures the imagination of millennials.

“When we conceptualised Asia Esports Festival, our goal was to enable budding gaming communities to thrive by providing them with a platform to grow their passion in their beloved games. After our Asia Esports Festival Online which was held during December ’21 to January ’22 across six game titles, we have been receiving requests from the gaming community at-large to help them organise gaming tournaments and activities.

”We strongly believe that with Asia Esports Festival as a platform, the esports and gaming industry will flourish and as an event, it will be a weekend to remember for youths and the public.”

About EXP – Singapore’s Largest Esports Experience Center at Kallang Wave Mall

EXP by EEA spans across 12,000 Square Feet to house a comprehensive esports ecosystem under one roof. It features an integrated live-streaming-ready esports event space, pro-esports team rooms, esports cafe, luma/chroma rooms, open-concept LAN Gaming area as well as “pro-sumer” areas with the latest in content-creation technologies. It also offers a comprehensive display of the sound and video equipment, gaming laptops and consoles, as well as the latest gaming accessories and gadgets from the top brands in the industry.

The EXP is designed to be an integrated esports and streaming-ready venue for major esports events, tournaments, competitions, as well as the latest esports games and product launches at regional and international level. The EXP will offer the following key features:

  • Large Event Hall fully equipped professional audio video systems, high bandwidth connectivity and fuss-free IT capabilities to cater to the ever-changing landscape in media consumption.
  • Open-concept LAN gaming area for gamers and enthusiasts to experience the latest top-notch, fast-paced PCs with super-premium esports peripherals and accessories;
  • Retail showcase galore by top brands on the latest games, accessories, equipment and merchandise spanning across the Console, PC and Mobile gaming platforms;
  • Pro-Sumer Corner that features professional-grade gear and accessories for professional streamers, influencers, content-creators and tech-connoisseurs;
  • Deluxe Pro-Team Room fully equipped with professional gear for esports tournaments, competitions, and for competition teams to train and compete;
  • Chroma/Luma rooms fully equipped for webcasting and live-streaming by game-casters and influencers, as well as serve as interactive space for esports content producers in the brainstorming and co-creation of high-quality production and streaming;
  • Main Conference Room for game-strategy briefings and game-play analysis;
  • Cozy Cafe area serving food and drinks specially created for everyone!


About Esports Entertainment Asia (EEA):

EEA is a Singapore-based company set up in 2019 with the bold vision to build a comprehensive ecosystem for esports in Singapore and the Asia region.


Leveraging strong capabilities and strategic partnerships in the esports industry and beyond, the EEA plans to execute its vision of building a solid ecosystem for esports through 4 key thrusts over the next few years:

  • Organise world-class esports events and competitions (like the AEF) across Asia;
  • Develop esports entertainment venues across Asia’s gateway cities with the launch of the Esports Entertainment Asia Venue Fund;
  • Build a Pan-Asia social platform for esports enthusiasts to network and build their own communities to exchange ideas and experiences;
  • Nurture talents to meet the needs of the esports industry by setting up a training academy.alt


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