Audi zooms past red light at Lentor Avenue, narrowly misses pedestrian

A woman had a narrow escape when a red Audi came within inches of hitting her at a pedestrian crossing at Lentor Avenue.

The incident occurred on Thursday (Dec 30) at 3.31pm at the traffic light before Lentor Residence.

A 15-second clip of the incident was uploaded on Facebook page Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Road and has since accumulated over 104,000 views and 379 comments.

Captured on the dashboard camera of a car in the middle lane, the video showed a woman who appeared to be looking down at her phone while crossing the road.

Though the traffic light was in the pedestrian’s favour, an Audi sedan whizzed past. The woman noticed at the last second and reacted quickly to avoid being hit.

In the comments section, netizens were shocked at the driver’s recklessness – one pointed out that the weather conditions did not permit driving at such speed.

Another Facebook user urged authorities to take action while reminding pedestrians that it is best to be aware of their surroundings when crossing the road. 


Under the Driver Improvement Points System, failure to conform to traffic light signals carries 12 demerit points. Light vehicle drivers can be fined $400 and heavy vehicle drivers can be fined $500.

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