AWARE Singapore launches site to inform youths about ‘taboo’ topics ignored in mainstream sex ed

A women’s rights advocacy group has taken it upon its wings to launch its own sex education portal after a prestigious school got into trouble for spreading false LGBT information.

AWARE recently launched an online portal, dubbed Sex Ed, Declassified. It features a curated database of sex-related resources to correct and dispel misinformation and is aimed at those in their late teens or older.

““Sex Ed, Declassified” was borne of AWARE’s belief that everyone has a right to comprehensive sexuality education, and its desire to dispel common myths with accurate, science-based information,” the group said in a news release.

The portal’s resources, which come from a mix of international and local platforms, feature websites, YouTube channels and a podcast, among others.

They are vetted to be “trustworthy, inclusive and non-judgmental,” the group said.

The site has resources on five different themes: “Big Picture Stuff”, “Bodies & Health”, “Relationships & Sex”, “Gender & Orientation” and “Singapore Resources”. There is also a drop-down menu covering concerns like coming out to family, consenting to sex, and finding out if you are in an unhealthy relationship.

A Birds & Bees workshop series for parents is also included to help them provide the appropriate amount of information about sex to their children.

Though sex ed classes are conducted in Singaporean schools, many of them have been criticized for their limited curriculums and lack of credible information. 

Most recently, the elite school Hwa Chong Institution was roundly criticized for presenting fabricated homophobic LGBT statistics during an assembly last month. The teacher who gave the presentation was suspended. 

“Until comprehensive sexuality education is provided by Singapore schools, young people looking to understand consent, sexual pleasure and other topics insufficiently covered in the mainstream syllabus may well use these resources to supplement their learning,” AWARE’s senior communications manager Kelly Leow said.

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