A road accident in Nakhon Ratchasima province on Sunday (Nov 8) evening killed two people on the spot including a one-year-old baby.

Chok Chai police learned that at around 8.30pm a 10-wheeler hit a motorbike injuring 11-year-old Siwa Kaikratong and killing the motorbike rider Anupong Kaikratong, 34, and infant Aswin Kaikratong.

Anupong, who worked in a hospital, was related to the two children though at press time the relationship was not specified.

Upon interrogation, police found that the truck driver Thongpoon Bueagkuntod, 55, was heading to his wife’s house in Non Sung district. He said he swerved when he saw a car heading out of an alleyway, but did not see the motorbike that was riding alongside his trailer.

Police have said they will investigate the case further.

Local rescue teams have taken the survivor and the dead bodies to Chok Chai Hospital.



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