Beauty app filter on PM Lee gets hits on Reddit

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After a Redditor uploaded a photo showcasing the beauty app filter over the face of Singaporean Prime Minister , the technology-driven transformation has garnered hits on Reddit.

Reddit user @Newez on Thursday (Nov 12) took to the online news sharing platform to share a photo of that had been edited by , which is a face editing application that allows changes to be made on the picture of a person’s face.

The photo was shared with the Reddit group Reddit Singapore with the caption, “Beauty apps nowadays–becoming more advance(d)…”

Photo: from Reddit Singapore group

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On the left of the photo was a photo of Mr Lee, while on the right was his edited face. The right photo had given Mr Lee pale, flawless skin. It had also removed the creases around his eyes, tightened his facial structure, and gave him a youthful hairstyle.

The edited photo of Mr Lee garnered amused and starstruck responses from Redditors, a few of whom referred to the transformed Mr Lee using millennial terms.

A few referred to Mr Lee as “oppa,” which is derived from Korean. Though it literally means “older brother,” it has become a popular way of flirtatiously calling someone an older brother.

Others expressed their awe over such a transformation.

However, in past news, the amusement over FaceApp has been clouded by the controversy over user information as many raised their concerns over data privacy. However, in response to this, FaceApp stated that the data uploaded onto its servers are deleted within the 48-hour window after which photos are uploaded onto the face editing app.

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Photo: screengrab from Reddit Singapore group

Photo: screengrab from Reddit Singapore group`

Photo: screengrab from Reddit Singapore group

Photo: screengrab from Reddit Singapore group



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