Beijing woman offers a house for the safe return of family's Corgi

A woman in Beijing is offering a house for the safe return of her family's Corgi. — Reuters pic
A woman in Beijing is offering a house for the safe return of her family’s Corgi. — Reuters pic

KUALA LUMPUR, June 8 — A dog owner in China spared no effort in her attempts at getting her beloved pet back by offering a house as a reward.

Global Times reported that the dog, a Corgi, had gone missing in Beijing’s Fengtai district prompting the owner surnamed Xu, to go online searching for the pooch.

Xu said the reward would be a Beijing-registered house as her whole family “has a deep affection for the dog.”

“I would like to give a house in Xishanjia, Fengtai district, to whoever that sends back the dog. This is a firm promise,” said Xu, adding her contact details.

The notice prompted a wave of volunteers to join in the search.

The residential property office confirmed to the media that the missing dog case was real, but they were not clear about the gift of the house.

A staffer, however, said the house mentioned in the advertisement was not a general commercial property, and certain restrictions had been included. 

“The house cannot be given to anyone casually, nor can it be easily transferred,” said the staffer, without elaborating.


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