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Belarus border crisis: EU seeks solutions to 'weaponisation of human beings'

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They’re calling it the “weaponisation of human beings”. Thousands of people – mainly from the Middle East – have been sold travel packages to Belarus, a non-EU state, and told that from there, they will be able to get into the European Union.

Belarus borders three EU countries: Poland, Latvia and Lithuania, the longest border being with Poland. The country’s leader Alexander Lukashenko has all but admitted that his guards are pushing these people to cross the Polish border, even while thousands of people are camping out in freezing conditions. Indeed, several have died, and many are suffering illness and injuries.

Poland’s Prime Minister has been seeking support for a wall on the border, paid for by the EU. Meanwhile, Angela Merkel has asked Vladimir Putin to intervene, and the EU has broadened its scope for sanctions against Belarus.

We discuss how the crisis can be resolved with two members of the European Parliament.

Submit your views and put forward your ideas on EU Migration policy to the Conference on the Future of Europe.

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