Best hotel rewards and loyalty programmes that work around the world (2023)

Ascott Star Rewards

Ascott Star Rewards lets you earn points whenever you stay at Ascott properties, including properties from 14 brands owned by Ascott such as Oakwood, Lyf, Somerset, and more.

There are four membership tiers: Classic, Silver, Gold, and Premium. Points are accumulated for every $1 spent. However, bonus points depend on your tier.

Membership tier How to qualify Points for every S$1 spent
Classic Free 10
Silver S$1,000 qualifying spending 12
Gold S$3,000 qualifying spending 14
Platinum S$10,000 qualifying spending 16

These points can be exchanged for free stays and room upgrades. Other than stays at participating hotels and serviced apartments, you can also exchange your points for CapitaStar$ which can then be exchanged for CapitaLand mall vouchers.

According to MileLion, when used to redeem goodies, 1 ASP is equivalent to about $0.25, subject to any charges.

What’s more, you receive a 10 per cent discount on your hotel bookings all year round, and up to 50 per cent during seasonal offers.

To sweeten the deal, new members receive a 25 per cent off voucher when they sign up.

Ascott Star Rewards is ideal for those who like to stay in serviced apartments (there’s nothing like being able to cook for yourself), or who want to be able to convert their points to CapitaLand vouchers. Sign up for Ascott Star Rewards here.

Marriott Bonvoy

The Marriott Bonvoy programme lets you earn points when you stay at properties from over 30 brands, including the Ritz-Carlton, Westin Hotels, St Regis, Sheraton, and, of course, Marriott Hotels. This is a great programme for those who are fans of big five-star hotel brands.

There are six tiers in all-Member, Silver Elite, Gold Elite, Platinum Elite, Titanium Elite, and Ambassador Elite. Your tier is assigned depending on how many nights at qualifying hotels you spend each year.

Membership tier How to qualify Points bonus
Member 0-9 nights per year
Silver Lite 10 nights per year 10 per cent Bonus
Gold Elite 25 nights per year 25 per cent Bonus
Platinum Elite 50 nights per year 50 per cent Bonus
Titanium Elite 75 nights per year 75 per cent Bonus
Ambassador Elite 100+ nights + US$23,000 (S$30,760.55) qualifying spent per year 75 per cent Bonus

The lowest tier members earn 10 Mariott Bonvoy points for every $1.34 spent at most of the qualifying hotels, hotel dining and beverages, and golf rounds and spa services.

The redemption rate for free hotel stays varies depending on which property you’re staying at, with Marriott’s poshest properties being the most worth it. All things considered, Forbes Advisor has estimated the value of a Marriott Bonvoy point to be $0.094.

Other than using your points to book or offset the cost of hotel rooms, you can also use them on certain travel-related expenses like cruises, air miles, and car rentals. You can also exchange the points for vouchers at merchants and restaurants like Adidas, Apple, and Krispy Kreme, as well as certain international events and activities.

Members get special rates (eg. $430 for a King Bed, Island View at W Singapore Sentosa Cove instead of $439), free in-room wifi (not all non-member guests get free wifi), and can check in and unlock their doors using their phones via mobile check-in and mobile key.

One of the biggest perks of this programme is the ability to swap your points for air miles or shopping vouchers. So even if you have no plans to stay in a fancy hotel on the horizon, you can still make use of your points. Sign up for Mariott Bonvoy here.

Hilton Honors

Not only do you get to feel like a queen/king in your Hilton hotel room, but you also earn 10 points per $1.34 spent at qualifying hotels, which other than Hilton include names like Conrad, Waldorf Astoria, and Hampton. That’s not all, you can also earn points in some other ways, such as by taking Lyft rides and dining at certain establishments.

There are four tiers: basic member, Silver, Gold, and Diamond.

Membership tier How to qualify Points bonus
Member 0 to 10 nights
Silver 10+ nights 20 per cent Bonus
Gold 40+ nights 85 per cent Bonus
Diamond 60+ nights 100 per cent Bonus

New members get 1,500 bonus points on their first hotel stay and 3,000 bonus points on their second.

Other members’ perks include discounted rates (eg. $436 instead of $474 for a Twin Deluxe Room at Hilton Singapore Orchard), no resort fees on reward stays, digital check-in and digital key on mobile, the ability to choose your room and free WiFi, as well as invitations to Hilton Honors experiences.

You can redeem points not only for hotel stays but also for other stuff like Lyft rides, Amazon shopping, and rental cars. While the value of a point depends on what you’re using it for, Nerdwallet estimates the value of a Hilton point to be about $0.08.

This is a good programme to sign up for if you’re a fan of Paris Hilton (just kidding) or want to be able to redeem your points for shopping vouchers. Sign up for Hilton Honors here.

IHG Rewards Club

IHG Rewards Club enables you to earn and spend points at 18 brands under their umbrella, including InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, and Holiday Inn.

You earn 10 points for every $1.34 spent at qualifying hotels. According to NerdWallet, one IHG point is worth about $0.094.

There are five tiers: Club, Silver Elite, Gold Elite, Platinum Elite, and Diamond Elite.

Membership tier How to qualify Points bonus
Club Member Free
Silver Elite 10 nights 20 per cent Bonus
Gold Elite 10 nights or 10,000 points per calendar year 40 per cent Bonus
Platinum Elite 40 nights or 40,000 points per calendar year 60 per cent Bonus
Diamond Elite 75 nights or 75,000 points per calendar year 80 per cent Bonus

Regardless of tier, all members enjoy special members’ rates (eg. $490 instead of $505 in King Classic Heritage Wing at InterContinental Singapore) and promotions  (eg. 10 per cent off when booking 10 days in advance), as well as free internet at hotels. Other perks include free wifi at participating properties and late check-out.

Points can be redeemed not only for hotel stays but also for air miles and gift cards in their catalogue, which includes brands like American Tourister and The North Face.

This is a pretty run-of-the-mill rewards programme with a decent earning rate. One advantage is that they have a relatively affordable brand-Holiday Inn Express. This is handy if you’re travelling on a budget. Sign up for IHG Rewards Club here.

World of Hyatt

World of Hyatt, Hyatt’s loyalty programme, is one of the better-value programmes out there. Some of the brands owned by Hyatt include Grand Hyatt, Park Hyatt, and Hyatt Regency.

There are four tiers — Member, Discoverist, Explorist, and Globalist. All members get 10 per cent off participating hotels regardless of tier.

Membership tier How to qualify Points bonus
Member Free
Discoverist 10 nights or 25,000 points or 3 meetings and events 10 per cent Bonus
Explorist 30 nights or 50,000 points or 10 meetings and events 20 per cent Bonus
Globalist 60 nights or 100,000 points or 20 meetings and events 30 per cent Bonus
Lifetime Globalist 1,000,000 Lifetime Base Points 30 per cent Bonus

As a basic member, you earn five base points per US$1 (S$1.34) spent at Hyatt properties, as well as participating dining establishments and spas.

The value of points depends on what you spend them on. According to NerdWallet, one Hyatt point is worth about $0.374, which is pretty darn fantastic. You can redeem points for stays, dining, spa services, and selected experiences.

Members get 10 per cent off participating hotels as well as a free night after staying at five different Hyatt brands.

You can redeem points not only on hotel stays but also air miles, spa sessions, and find experiences at various destinations, which include things like yoga classes and truffle hunts.

This is a pretty good programme to sign up for if you plan to use it for the hotel discount, as the 10 per cent member discount rate is quite attractive. Sign up for World of Hyatt here.

Accor Live Limitless

One of the advantages of Accor Live Limitless is that the 44 brands under their wing range from luxury to budget. On one end of the scale, you’ve got posh establishments like Raffles Hotel, Fairmont, and Banyan Tree. On the other end, you’ve got Ibis and Ibis Budget.

Accor’s membership programme has five tiers: Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

Membership tier How to qualify
Classic Free
Silver 10 nights or 2,000 points
Gold 30 nights or 7,000 points
Platinum 60 nights or 14,000 points
Diamond 26,000 points

As a Classic member, for every $14.55 spent, you receive 25 points at all participating Accor brands, and 12.5 points at Ibis, Ibis Styles and Mama Shelter. You can also earn points at selected restaurants and bars and on Grab rides.

According to The Points Guy, Accor points, when redeemed for Accor hotel stays, are worth $0.294.

Other than hotel stays, you can trade your points in for flight and hotel packages, luxury train journeys on the Orient Express La Dolce Vita (in Italy), and custom safaris in Africa.

Some of the other perks members enjoy include online check-in, fast checkout, free internet access at participating properties, free use of health club and sports facilities, discounted hotel prices, car rental discounts, as well as lots of offers, such as the chance to earn rewards points at an accelerated rate.

If you’ve ever thought of taking a luxury train journey or going on an African safari tour, that can be an added incentive to sign up for this programme. It’s also great if you want to save money by staying at Ibis Budget, as not all loyalty programmes have cheaper brands on their roster. Sign up for Accor Live Limitless here.

Wyndham Rewards

If you travel often to the US, you might find Wyndham Rewards especially useful. That’s because Wyndham properties have a strong presence in the US. Their loyalty programme covers brands like Microtel Inn & Suites and Days Inn.

You get 10 points per $01.34 spent at Wyndham Rewards hotels or vacation club resorts.

There are four tiers, Blue, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

Membership tier How to qualify
Blue Free
Gold 5 nights
Platinum 15 nights
Diamond 40 nights

You can redeem 7,500, 15,000, or 30,000 points per bedroom depending on the tier, or get a discounted night for 1,500, 3,000, or 6,000.

According to MoneyGeek, the average value of a Wyndham point is $0.147 but can go up to $0.267. That’s not exactly the highest rate out there, but if you intend to stay in relatively affordable accommodation in the US, it’s worth considering.

This programme is ideal for those who travel often to the US due to the sheer number of properties there, although Wyndham also has hotels in many other countries. It’s also much easier to climb up to a higher tier compared to most programmes, so if there’s a Wyndham property you could potentially stay at, give it a shot. Sign up for Wyndham Rewards here.

GHA Discovery

Are resort holidays the ultimate form of self-care in your book? Then GHA Discovery’s loyalty programme can put you on the road to bliss.

You can even go on a staycation, as there are many luxurious Singapore properties participating in the programme, including Capella Singapore at Sentosa, Pan Pacific, and the Capitol Kempinski Hotel. Other brands include Anantara, PARKROYAL, and Outrigger Resorts and Hotels.

Members get 10 per cent off bookings at participating hotels and earn D$ (Discovery Dollars) on bookings and purchases made at the hotels.

There are four tiers-Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium.

Membership tier How to qualify D$ earned
Silver Free 4 per cent
Gold 2 nights or US$1,000 spending 5 per cent
Platinum 10 nights or US$5,000 spending or staying at 2 brands 6 per cent
Titanium 30 nights or USS$15,000 spending or staying at 3 brands 7 per cent

Lowly Silver members earn D$ equivalent to four per cent of their spending. The highest tier, Titanium, gets seven per cent back.

D$ can be used for spending at participating hotels, including at hotel spas and golf courses. They can also be spent on curated experiences.

Members also enjoy special members’ rates at participating hotels, room upgrades, early check-in and late check-out, and local offers and experiences such as tours, classes, nature experiences, adventure activities, cultural experiences, and your favourite destinations.

In terms of value, this is one of the most attractive programmes on the list. First, it’s great if you’re hoping to claw your way up to a higher tier because the upgrade requirements are more relaxed than other programmes’. Also, the 10 per cent member discount is quite generous.

The main disadvantage is that it’s mainly geared towards smaller hotel chains or resorts, and so might not be as useful for, say, business travellers. But if you’re a staycation fiend or avid holidaymaker, this programme could be the one to sign up for. Sign up for GHA Discovery here.

Comparison of the best hotel rewards and loyalty programs 2023

The hotel loyalty programmes are honestly all quite similar, but here’s a summary of the key features of each:

Programme Notable participating brands No. of properties worldwide Earn rate Estimated value of one point
Ascott Star Rewards Ascott, Oakwood, Lyf, Somerset 290+ S$1 = 10 points S$0.25
Mariott Bonvoy Marriott Hotels, Ritz-Carlton, Westin Hotels, St Regis, Sheraton 8,500+ US$1 = 10 points S$0.094 (US$0.07)
Hilton Honors Hilton, Conrad, Waldorf Astoria, Hampton 7,000+ US$1 = 10 points S$0.081 (US$0.06)
IHG Rewards Club InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn Almost 6,000 US$1 = 10 points S$0.094 (US$0.07)
World of Hyatt Grand Hyatt, Park Hyatt, Hyatt Regency 1,350+ US$1 = 5 points S$0.38 (US$0.28)
Accor Live Limitless Accor Hotels, Raffles Hotel, Fairmont and Banyan Tree 4,200+ 10€ = 25 points S$0.30 (US$0.22)
Wyndham Rewards Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Microtell Inn & Suites, and Days Inn 9,000+ US$1 = 10 points S$0.15 (US$0.11)
GHA Discovery Capella Singapore, Pan Pacific, Capitol Kempinski, Anantara, Parkroyal, Outrigger 800+ 4per cent of spending S$1.34 (US$1)

Source: Nerdwallet, Milelion, MoneyGeek, Forbes Advisor

How can you benefit from hotel rewards and loyalty programmes?

To make the most of your loyalty programme, you should try to stay at a participating hotel every time you travel. The points you earn can then be accumulated and channelled towards offsetting the cost of future hotel stays or (if available through the programme) air miles, experiences, vouchers, and more. Many programmes also give you the option of donating your points to charity.

For instance, let’s say you’re a GHA Discovery Silver member and you decide to book a romantic suite at Capella for the weekend and end up blowing $2,200.

You would earn Discovery Dollars worth four per cent of your spending — $88.

A few months later, you decide to treat yourself to another staycation, this time at Pan Pacific Orchard, which also happens to be part of the GHA Discovery programme.

You book one night in a $500 room. If you book the room using a combination of cash and Discovery Dollars, you’ll have to pay only $422 in cash. That’s $88 saved, just like that!

Tips and tricks to maximise hotel rewards and loyalty programmes

Research and choose wisely

Even though registering for hotel loyalty programs are usually free, take the time to research and compare different options. Look for programs that align with your travel patterns, offer a wide network of hotels in your preferred destinations, and provide attractive rewards and benefits. Consider factors such as earning rates, redemption options, blackout dates, and membership tiers to ensure you select the programme that best suits your needs.


Utilize co-branded credit cards

Consider obtaining a co-branded credit card affiliated with your preferred hotel loyalty programme. These cards often come with sign-up bonuses, accelerated point-earning rates for hotel stays, and additional perks like complimentary elite status or annual free nights. Responsible use of these credit cards can quickly boost your points balance and provide valuable benefits beyond what standard loyalty membership offers.

Stay loyal, earn more

Once you’ve chosen a hotel loyalty programme, don’t let your commitment issues get to you. Concentrate your stays within the programme’s network of hotels to accumulate points and achieve higher membership tiers. By doing so, you’ll unlock additional benefits like room upgrades, complimentary breakfast, late check-outs, and access to exclusive lounges. Loyalty pays off in the world of hotel rewards.

Take advantage of promotions

Stay alert for promotions and special offers from hotel loyalty programs. These promotions can provide opportunities to earn bonus points, receive discounted rates, or enjoy exclusive experiences. Sign up for email newsletters and follow the programs’ social media accounts to stay informed about upcoming deals and promotions. Timing your stays to coincide with these offers can significantly enhance the value of your rewards.

Strategize your redemptions

When it comes time to redeem your hard-earned rewards, strategize your redemptions for maximum value. Look for opportunities to redeem points during off-peak periods or take advantage of limited-time promotions offering discounted award stays. Additionally, consider combining cash and points to stretch your rewards further or redeem them for experiences like spa treatments, dining, or local activities to enhance your overall travel experience.

Engage with loyalty program partners

Many hotel loyalty programs have partnerships with airlines, car rental agencies, and other service providers. By utilizing these partners, you can earn additional rewards and benefits. For example, booking flights or car rentals through a programme’s partner can earn you bonus points or even help you achieve elite status faster. Expanding your engagement beyond hotel stays can amplify your rewards potential.

Stay informed and keep track

Stay informed about any changes or updates to your hotel loyalty programme. Program terms and conditions, redemption rates, and benefits can evolve over time, so it’s crucial to stay up-to-date. Also, keep track of your points balance, expiration dates, and upcoming rewards to ensure you don’t miss out on any opportunities. Utilize mobile apps or online tools provided by the programme to easily manage your account and track your progress.

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