'Betrayal in the highest order': Seo In-guk and Ahn Jae-hyun reunite after 12 years for K.will video, fans heartbroken with cruel plot twist

“The biggest Uno reverse card in the history of K-pop.”

That’s what one YouTube comment called South Korean singer K.will’s music video for Please Don’t.

The ballad, released back in 2012, featured singer-actor Seo In-guk caught in a love triangle between actor Ahn Jae-hyun and Dasom (formerly of K-pop girl group Sistar).

While the audience is led to believe that In-guk’s character wants Dasom’s at first and resents Jae-hyun’s character for being engaged to her, a plot twist at the end reveals that he’s actually in love with Jae-hyun.

Yesterday (June 20), K.will, 42, released the much-anticipated music video for his latest single No Sad Song For My Broken Heart, which reunited In-guk and Jae-hyun, both 36, in a continuation of the earlier story.

(Spoilers ahead.)

But if fans expected a happy ending, they were sorely mistaken.

The music video starts off with In-guk’s character outside a building wearing a broken watch stopped at 10.11 — a throwback to Oct 11, when Please Don’t was released. Jae-hyun’s character arrives at the same place, leading In-guk to hide.

Jae-hyun then enters the building, a funeral hall.


The music video shows the men exchanging numbers and reuniting after a decade, and when they hang out later, Jae-hyun shows In-guk that he isn’t wearing a ring and is no longer married.

But just when things are looking up, the viewer is met with a cruel plot twist — In-guk hugs Jae-hyun in a sad farewell, and then the portrait at the funeral hall is shown to be In-guk’s.

Fans were heartbroken in replies to K.will’s post announcing the music video on X.

“Twelve years of waiting, and you’re still hurting us like this,” a netizen wrote.

Another wrote: “This is betrayal in the highest order.”

On K.will’s Instagram post, a fan joked: “This sad ending during Pride Month is borderline homophobic.”

“I will not be watching this MV (music video) I’ve literally been waiting years for because my sister told me it would literally ruin my life,” another wrote. “I’ll choose my happiness instead, thanks.”

A YouTube comment lamented: “When I asked you to make Seo In-guk happy, you killed him. How could you do this?”

Fans also demanded a part three to the music video series, where In-guk and Jae-hyun will end up happily ever after.

But with K.will’s penchant for plot twists, he may end up making things even sadder.



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