‘Biggest con ever?’ Prof. Ian Plimer challenges climate change narrative


In a bold statement, Australian geologist Professor Ian Plimer has declared, “There is no climate emergency… It has never been proven that human emissions of carbon dioxide drive global warming.” The climate crisis is the biggest con ever established on Earth.

According to Prof. Plimer, a mere 3% of global carbon dioxide emissions come from human activities, with the remaining 97% originating from natural sources.

He argues that to prove human-induced climate change, one must also demonstrate that these natural emissions do not impact the climate—a question he claims has not been satisfactorily addressed.

‘Biggest con’

This controversial perspective has sparked a heated debate on social media. X user Forestcui07@forestcui07 shared their thoughts, stating, “They’re frightened at this point… People no longer believe in [man-made climate change], and I think they’re catching on to the fact that it’s a gigantic lie.”

Echoing this sentiment, X user False Flag@Vital_Vibration suggested an even more alarming theory: “Climate change is a cover story for geo-engineering and weather modification warfare. Geoengineering is the cause of climate change. Not you driving to work, drinking coffee, using a wood stove, or cows farting. The world is run by eugenicists obsessed with overpopulation. Climate propaganda is a eugenics program. It’s not about controlling the climate. It’s about controlling YOU. They want everything to be electric (not just cars), so they can turn it off when you have a bad social credit score because you stated the truth about something online. Please wake up, before we are all crushed beneath the new dystopian order.”

Despite these claims, the broader scientific community remains steadfast in its warnings about climate change. For many scientists, the apparent lack of significant action by governments and the obstruction by corporate interests is both baffling and infuriating.

The overwhelming evidence supporting human-driven climate change underscores the urgent need for systemic change, beyond individual efforts to tweak personal behaviour.

The debate over climate change and its causes continues to be a highly polarizing topic, reflecting broader concerns about the future of our planet and the actions needed to protect it.

While some voices argue against the prevailing scientific consensus, the call for comprehensive action and policy changes remains critical to addressing the challenges ahead.

SOURCE: “This is probably the biggest con that we’ve ever had”

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