Taiwanese YouTuber “Roundcandy” (圓糖) recently invited a group of bikini-clad mountain-climbing novices to challenge Qilai South Peak and Nanhua Mountain for his “Roundcandy TV” show.

The team eventually waved the Taiwan flag when reaching the summits, drawing praise from social media users.

The amateurs began their journey shortly after sunrise and the golden light from the sun fell beautifully on the alpine meadow, reflecting the name “Golden Qilai Nanhua.”

The four girls shed their clothes when they reached the peak, wearing only bikinis to document their accomplishments against the magnificent backdrop of the mountain.

Social media users were automatically drawn to the “Mountain-top bikini” titled video and many commented: “This type of mountain-climbing videos are incredible.”

Others said: “So pretty; from your video, I finally understand the beauty of these mountains.”


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