Bo Burnham releases unseen material from Inside on Netflix special’s first anniversary

Bo Burnham has dropped over an hour of unseen material from his 2021 Netflix special Inside on its first anniversary on Monday (30 May).

Sharing the news on social media, the American comedian wrote: “A year ago, I released a special called Inside. I’ve spent the last two months editing together material that I shot for the special but didn’t end up using…

“It will be on my YouTube channel in one hour,” he tweeted on Monday evening, adding: “I hope you enjoy it.”

The edited special, titled The Inside Outtakes, was posted to Burnham’s YouTube channel soon after, as “ecstatic” fans announced they were “watching right now!”

Pitch Perfect actor Skylar Astin dubbed Burnham the “Beyoncé of comedy” and thanked him for “his service” when the 31-year-old first announced the news on Instagram.

Family Guy writer and author Gary Janetti called the announcement “very wonderful news” in a comment under Burnham’s Instagram post.

Burnham’s original, one-and-a-half-hour special was released on Netflix on 31 May 2021.

It was written, directed, filmed and produced by Burnham himself at home in Los Angeles during the pandemic and, following its release, viewers praised him for tapping into the struggles people have dealt with during Covid-induced lockdowns, including feelings of isolation, depression, boredom and despair.

A tweet from user @liltrashboy read: “Bo Burnham’s Inside is the only content about the pandemic that needs to be made. I don’t want movies romanticising it, only this deranged masterpiece.”

A review in The Guardian gave the special five stars, commending Burnham’s “bleak humour” and calling the show “astonishing”.

You can watch Burnham’s extra-special content, released on Monday, here.


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