Boris Johnson news – live: Tory rebels ready to act ‘lightening fast’ to oust PM

Boris Johnson says he is ‘not worried’ by MPs plotting against him while at G7

Conservative MPs are ready to act “lightning fast” to oust prime minister Boris Johnson, a former MP has told The Independent.

Last week’s by-election defeats in Wakefield and Tiverton and Honiton have sparked demands for a second vote on Mr Johnson’s leadership, with some Tory MPs understood to have resubmitted letters of no confidence to Sir Graham Brady, the chair of the 1922 Committee.

Meanwhile, yet more Tory rebels have urged ministers to resign in a bid to force the prime minister to follow suit.

Urging ambitious ministers to “show a little backbone and indeed leadership”, 1922 Committee vice-chair William Wragg joined a growing chorus of former Tory leaders, erstwhile ministers and peers demanding that senior members of Mr Johnson’s government consider their positions.

But, speaking at the G7 summit, Mr Johnson insisted he had a mandate to drive a “massive, massive agenda”, adding: “Nobody abandons a privilege like that.”

Meanwhile, as MPs prepare to debate his plans to rip up the Northern Ireland Protocol, Mr Johnson claimed the controversial legislation could be implemented in 2022.


Putin wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine if Tory 1922 committee was ‘on his case’, claims Johnson

Boris Johnson has suggested that Vladimir Putin would have not invaded Ukraine earlier this year if he had the 1922 Committee of Conservative backbenchers “on his case”.

The PM added: “Do you really think that Vladimir Putin would have launched an invasion of another sovereign country if he’d had people to listen to properly … arguing, if he’d had a committee of backbenchers, the 1922 Committee, on his case?”

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Falklands’ sovereignty is not in question, Boris Johnson tells Argentina

Boris Johnson told Argentina’s President Alberto Fernandez that the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands is “not in question” as the two leaders met in the margins of the G7 summit in Germany on Monday.

A Downing Street spokesman said: “President Fernandez raised the Falkland Islands.“The Prime Minister was firm that their sovereignty is not in question.“

The Prime Minister stressed that the Falkland Islanders, like all people, have a right to self-determination.”

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British aid pledge ‘nowhere near enough’

Boris Johnson’s commitment to help developing countries facing an unprecedented hunger crisis is “nowhere near enough”, Bond, an umbrella group representing 70 UK charities has said.

The prime minister, attending the G7 summit in Germany this week, announced a £372m support package to help countries hardest hit by soaring food costs and fertiliser shortages.

Stephanie Draper, chief executive of Bond, said it was “nowhere near what’s needed”, adding that the package “must be the seed of a bigger plan to address the causes and consequences of the global food crisis”.

The UN has warned that 49 million people are now at risk of famine as a Russian blockade of grain from Ukraine pushes up prices around the globe.

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Nicola Sturgeon promises abortion buffer zones around clinics

Ms Sturgeon said that the proper focus for anyone protesting against abortion should be Parliament and lawmakers, not hospitals or sexual health clinics.

“Gatherings of this kind create additional stress for anyone using these facilities, for any purpose, and for those who work in them. But for women accessing abortion services the upset, distress and fear that they cause can be profound.”

The first minister was speaking at the abortion summit in Edinburgh which aims to ensure that women can access abortion services.

“There are issues that we need to solve to establish buffer zones through legislation but if we work together in a spirit of solidarity, I am confident we can find a way,” she added

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Theresa May lashes out at PM’s bid to override Northern Ireland Protocol

Theresa May has called Boris Johnson’s patriotism into question as she declared she will not support his bid to override the Northern Ireland protocol which he agreed with the EU as part of his Brexit withdrawal deal in 2019.

Speaking in the Commons, Ms May told MPs: “The UK’s standing in the world – our ability to convene and encourage others in the defence of our shared values – depends on the respect others have for us as a country, a country that keeps its word and displays those shared values in its actions.

“As a patriot, I would not want to do anything that would diminish this country in the eyes of the world.”

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Nicola Sturgeon to lay out “route map” for second Scottish referendum

Scotland’s First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon will lay out a “route map” statement on the second vote on independence on Tuesday.

“It is time to give people the democratic choice they have voted for, and then with independence to build a more prosperous, fairer country in a true partnership of equals between Scotland and our friends in the rest of the UK,” she said.

The 2014 referendum, which saw voters north of the border opt to stay in the UK by 55% to 45%, took place after then prime minister David Cameron agreed a section 30 order.

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Tory rebels ready to act ‘lightning fast’ to remove Boris Johnson

Conservative rebels will act “lightning fast” to oust the prime minister when a powerful Commons committee publishes its findings on whether he lied to parliament over Partygate, a former minister said to The Independent.

“When it happens, it has to be lightning-fast and it has to be at a moment when his position is irrecoverable,” the minister said.

The comments came as cabinet ministers faced growing calls to follow Oliver Dowden, who quit his government post and the chairmanship of the Tory Party after the devastating byelection defeats.

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