Bosch brings you the best stress-free home appliances this Father's Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to show your appreciation than by making Dad’s life a little easier and more stress-free?

Bosch home appliances have clever features that make daily household chores less tedious and time-consuming. Treat Dad to the best home appliances money can buy with one of these lifesavers.

Start his day sipping coffee

Not everyone wakes up in the mood to meticulously prepare their coffee, so help Dad start his day right with the Bosch VeroCup 300 Fully Automatic Coffee Machine.

Don’t worry; this capable machine will prepare a cup to his liking and takes away the legwork. Its Intelligent Heater and SensoFlow System guarantee the perfect brewing temperature, while the OneTouch Function simplifies coffee preparation, be it latte macchiato, cappuccino or espresso.

The wear-resistant CeramDrive Grinder ensures consistent coffee bean grinding without having to replace the burrs constantly, and the MilkMagic Pro froths milk automatically, making every cup a delight. And he’ll be glad to hear that maintenance is a breeze as the brewing unit is easily removable.

With its ease of use and maintenance, the Bosch VeroCup 300 is the perfect gift for a coffee-loving dad who appreciates a fuss-free morning routine — and perfectly brewed coffee.

Bosch VeroCup 300 Fully Automatic Coffee Machine (TIS30321RW), $1,999.

Whip up a storm with a power-packed blender

After his coffee, Dad can get to work and whip up some of his signature fresh smoothies that the family loves. The invigorating coffee helps, but his new Bosch ErgoMixx Hand Blender provides an even greater boost. It’s the ultimate versatile tool for prepping soups, dips, cocktail mixes, smoothies and much more.

This handy blender balances power and finesse through a powerful 1000W motor, 12-speed settings, and a turbo function. QuattroBlade technology ensures finely blended results, while AntiSplash keeps the kitchen clean from grind splatter.

This cleverly designed blender also sports a Fresh Vacuum System pump, making it easy to preserve fresh food in vacuum containers and bags, so Dad can save time by making a few batches at once. Its ergonomic design and soft-touch, slip-proof handle also makes it comfortable and easy to handle for long periods.

If Dad needs a handy tool that simplifies meal prep and makes cooking more fun and stress-free, the ErgoMixx hand blender is the perfect candidate. It’s ideal for a dad who enjoys making smoothies, soups, and sauces for the family.

Bosch ErgoMixx 1000W Hand Blender (MS6CB61V5), $349.

Dishes in, stress out – make dirty dishes disappear

When the drinks are done, dishwashing will be a breeze for Dad now that he has the Bosch Compact Dishwasher. Perfect for small kitchens, this compact model does not skimp on performance, and yet it fits on countertops. Not sure what settings to use?

Don’t worry; this dishwasher will automatically determine the best cleaning settings while using less energy and water than ever before. If Dad loves his wines, he will love the Glass 40° programme that leaves his prized glassware exceptionally shiny.

Best of all, it does all of this in silence with its EcoSilence Drive motor and comes with leak protection for added peace of mind. Dad will certainly appreciate how stress-free it is to clean the dishes, especially when he can spend the time he saves on family instead.

Series 4 Bosch Compact Dishwasher (SKS62E32EU), $1,499.

No stress on the back with a flexible tube

After all the fun stuff, there’s also that inconvenient truth: someone must clean the floor. That’s why Dad will love the gift of effortless cleaning with the Bosch Unlimited 7 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. This powerful handheld vacuum offers suction comparable to corded models, ensuring thorough cleaning of any surface in the house.

Dad will reach under furniture without breaking a sweat — and his back — thanks to the 90-degree bendable flex tube, while the motorised brush captures 99.9 per cent of dust and leaves no mess behind.

Built-in LED lights illuminate dark areas, ensuring everything gets noticed during cleanups. Coupled with interchangeable batteries, Dad can clean continuously without interruption and finish up in no time. The Bosch Unlimited 7 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a standout choice for making Dad’s cleaning routine quick and stress-free.

Bosch Unlimited 7 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (BCS712XXL), $1,599.

Dad doesn’t give a toss about laundry – he’s got iDOS

But we’re not done yet — it’s laundry day! Not to worry, Dad has the Bosch Front Loading Washing Machine to help him out. Its EcoSilence Drive motor, warrantied for ten years, ensures quiet and efficient operation while remaining remarkably energy-efficient and long-lasting.

The standout iDOS automatic dosing system precisely measures and dispenses the right amount of detergent and water for each load, taking the guesswork out of laundry and saving Dad precious time from trying to figure out the correct ratios.

Active Water Plus and Vario Drum technology optimise water usage for small loads, while the SpeedPerfect feature cuts washing time by up to 65 per cent, letting Dad wash up to four kilograms of mixed laundry in just 45 minutes. With the Bosch Front Loading Washing Machine taking care of things, Dad can spend more time on activities — and people — he truly loves.

Bosch Series 6 Front Loading Washing Machine (WGG254A0SG), $4,299.

Bosch 101st Anniversary Fiesta sale

Make this Father’s Day memorable by gifting Dad the convenience and efficiency that a Bosch home appliance can bring you. With these thoughtful gifts, you’ll give him more time to relax and enjoy life.

Also, take advantage of the Bosch 101st Anniversary Fiesta sales when you buy a Bosch appliance for Dad. Enjoy significant discounts of up to 60 per cent off on home appliances every Thursday to Sunday until June 30, 2024. Weekly deals start every Thursday at midnight and end Sunday at 11.59 pm. Offers are only available for 11 sets per model, so get them while stocks last!

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