Brave through ‘Momoks’ in Singapore’s first haunted house Drive-Thru this Halloween

With spooky season coming up, Halloween haunted houses are bound to pop up around Singapore but for this scarefest, you might have to pull up in a car for the whole experience. 

The Momok (also means ‘ghost’ in Malay) Drive-Thru is Singapore’s first haunted house with a drive-through format, with local ghouls. The event will span five days from Oct 27 to 31. 

Organized by a Facebook club of paranormal enthusiasts, the Momok Drive-Thru is not just random jumpscares and a bunch of people dressed like ghouls. 

Bro Zee, the admin of the group says, “It will be a storytelling journey. Each Momok has a story and our guides will explain the folklore and legend behind each ghost.”

The event is to be held at Kampong Wak Hassan in Sembawang which also has its share of spooky tales. Bro Zee who grew up in the area, has a personal story to share. 

His family used to spend a lot of time at Sembawang Beach and when he was a baby, he claimed that a pontianak (a vengeful female spirit) cradled him when his mother hung the cradle on the tree while she was preparing food. His dad was out fishing at that moment and when his mother turned to check on him, she saw “her” at the makeshift cradle. 

Bro Zee also hints at the possibility that you will see more than just the scare actors given the reputation of Sembawang Beach. 

Image: Paranormal Encounter SG

For non-drivers, you can still experience the drive-through on a bike, scooter, PMDs – and on foot. There will be food and vendors at the site if you get a little peckish after the spooky session. 

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Tickets start from $45 and are available online

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