Brown bomber caught red-handed, bare-assed at Vivo City (Videos)

Singaporeans today were puzzling over a man’s decision to defecate into a plastic bag in plain sight of the world.

A shopper identifying himself only as Aki told Coconuts that they stumbled upon the brown bomber near a second-floor entrance to the VivoCity shopping mall. There, he said, the man crouched with his bare ass facing shoppers and shat into a plastic bag Tuesday afternoon. 

Aki said the public pooper elected to conduct his business openly despite there being a toilet nearby. Guess he just couldn’t hold it any longer.

“We were just walking around trying to find something to eat and then we saw this man talking a dump. We thought it was dumb as there was a washroom quite nearby then we took this video, as we found it disturbing,” Aki told Coconuts today.

In another video, Aki zooms in uncomfortably close to an orange bag streaked with brown stains.

“Dude just left his shit in a bag,” a voice is heard saying in the video. 

The man, who was reportedly carrying a bag of doughnuts, later walked away like nothing happened. Aki said he and his friends never confronted him but later spotted the same man wandering around the mall. 

But appetites were not ruined as Aki and his gang went to grab some KFC afterward.

Trigger warning: Leave while you can or scroll on for an NSFW video of a man pooping. 

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